Coloured Pencil Course – Geoff Fielding

Geoff Fielding has recently completed the Coloured Pencil Course with us at the London Art college. The Coloured Pencil Course, like all of our courses, is also an online course. Consequently all of our students, including Geoff, are able to study and draw from the comfort of their own home. Most importantly students can draw in their own time Continue Reading

Coloured Pencil Art Online Course – Mike Foley

Mike Foley is studying our Coloured Pencil Art Online Course. Mike said at the start of the course… “I have taken several correspondence art courses in the past. Two “Famous Artists” courses, and one watercolor workshop from “North Light Art School”. I enjoyed all of them, and completed them nearly twenty years ago. My art since Continue Reading

Henry Sherridan Completed The Pet Portraits Course

 Henry Sheridan completed the pet portraits course recently, and the painting below is his final submission. We love the colours Henry has used in his painting, particularly the background which is Full of warmth and life. It allows dogs to stand off of the background beautifully and beautiful focus within the scene. Both dogs look Continue Reading

Coloured Pencil Drawing – Kasturi Mukhopadhyay

We love this coloured pencil drawing by Kasturi Mukhopadhyay. We felt it was a great piece to show here on our college news blog. Kasturi has created a very bold and vibrant image which we feel looks very decorative. Kasturi has captured the light and shadows exceptionally well on the vase and table. We hope you like it too. Continue Reading

Cartooning Diploma Course – Allison Tebo

Allison Tebo has been working with John Byrne on our London Art College Cartooning Diploma Course. When Allison enrolled on the Cartooning course she had already completed the Drawing and Painting Diploma course. This allowed her to gain experience in general drawing and using different media. We often encourage beginners to study on our general diploma. It Continue Reading

Learning to Paint Eyes – Ingrid Rugel

London Art College student Ingrid Rugel has been learning to paint eyes in watercolour. She is studying with tutor Alan Dedman on the Portrait Painting Course and has produced some stunning studies which you can see below. The colours Ingrid used in all of her paintings are beautiful and warm. She has layered her watercolour Continue Reading

Learning to Paint in Oils – Darinka Svircic

Darinka Svircic is learning to paint in oils on our Oil Painting Certificate course. Darinka has created a stunning oil painting of a tree which we have added below for our students and readers to view. We also very much like the way that Darinka has used aerial perspective in her painting. This means because she has Continue Reading

Pet Portraits Diploma – Diana Leighton

Diana Leighton has just completed her Pet Portraits Diploma course tutored by Gayle Mason. The painting and preliminary study below was completed for the final assignment of the course. We are thrilled that Diana enjoyed the course and completed it successfully. Diana sent Gail an introduction to herself and her experiences which we have added Continue Reading

Painting and Drawing Diploma Course – David Maidment

This is a fabulous painting by David Maidment who is studying our Painting and Drawing Diploma Course. We love the movement that David has created within the painting along with the fresh cool blue and green colours. Davids tutor Paul Weaver was absolutely thrilled with not only Davids landscape but in addition his whole submission. We have added Continue Reading