Still Life Painting by Katherine Roe

Hello my name is Katherine Roe and this is my still life painting created in oils on canvas.  I am studying on the Drawing and Painting Online Art Course Diploma with Alan Dedman and started the course just over a year ago. I have always been interested in art and enjoyed studying it at school but have no formal qualifications in it. Last year I decided that I should take the plunge and study a subject I’d always wanted to do.

I choose the Drawing and Painting Diploma with the London Art College as I wanted a course that taught me the basics and allowed me to study at home to fit in with childcare. I have found the tutor support to be excellent.

Currently I am working on the oil painting module. Oil is a medium I have not used before. I was given a set of oil paints, just student grade, bought a few good quality brushes, a few cheap canvases and have also made my own hardboard panels, a piece of hard board from a well know DIY store and four coats of wood primer/undercoat. My husband, who is very good at woodwork cut it into six A4 size panels and one large 50 by 60cm panel. So all set, I had a go. I produced this still life painting which is influenced by Paul Cezanne’s work. It is called White Jug and Three Apples, oil on canvas

I’m really enjoy using oil paint and after I have completed the course hope to study this medium further.

Still Life Painting

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