Botanical Painting Online Art Diploma Course – Veranika Andreyeva

Congratulations to Veranika Andreyeva, who has successfully completed the Botanical Painting Online Art Diploma Course with Distinctions. We have collated 5 of Veranika’s botanical paintings below, we absolutely love them. 

Tutor Shevaun Doherty said….

 “Veranika has really progressed well on the course and I really hope that she continues to pursue her interest in botanical art. She certainly has so much potential and it will be interesting to see what she does next! …Veranika has been a great student and I wish her the very best in her botanical art journey…!”

If you are interested in Botanical art and would like to find out more about the subject you might like to visit the website by Katheryn Tyrell. The site is a fabulous resource about botanical art for botanical artists & illustrators.

It also has a section on the website about Botanical Illustration books which our students might be interested in viewing. One of the highly recommended books by Katheryn is available on Amazon and its called the Art of Botanical Illustration. Its is a beautifully illustrated and would definitely give our students much inspiration.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing Veranika’s paintings and reading our resources. If you are a Botanical Illustration student and you would like your paintings featured here, drop us a line at any time!


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