Landscape Painting Online Art Course – Alan Caswell

Alan Caswell created this dramatic painting of trees and a landscape whilst studying on our Landscape Painting Online Art Course.

The colours and tones Alan used are really stunning. It  feels as though we are looking at a vibrant, warm sunset in the distance behind the trees. The beauty of the scene is that Alan has used warm colours behind the trees and cool colours where the trees are in shadow.

One of the rules of thumb in art are, that warm colours come forward and cool colours recede. So if you were looking to create depth in a landscape where you wanted to allow the background to recede and the foreground to come forward, you might use purples and blues in the background and warmer colours like yellows and oranges in the foreground.

Having said this – in the painting that Alan has created, it has shown that rules can be broken!

You might like to read more about it on this free to read eBook. Clicking on the link below and it will take you directly to the section in the book where you can read more about cool and warm colours. Artist Confidential: Secret Guidelines of Professionals


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