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Ann Hulme has been working with tutor Alan Dedman on the oil painting online course. Ann paints by mouth. We feel that her initial drawing and the final painting of ‘Elgins Tower’ is absolutely incredible. Ann has written the following text about the painting

“Making a detailed drawing helped me to paint the tower with ease. I tried to paint dark to light most of the time. Working on different areas of the painting to allow the painting to dry if necessary. For instance, I used Ivory black to paint small dots over the walls and castellation of the tower. I allowed it to dry before over painting it with white.

I used Phthalo green to under paint the sea before allowing it to dry and painting with King’s blue mixed with Zinc white to over paint the Phthalo green. Whilst wet, I over painted the King’s blue with Prussian blue for the low lights and Titanium white for the high lights. I was very pleased with how easy the sky was to paint, as compared with water colour.

Using Ivory black with a hint French Ultramarine and Zinc white to get the dark grey low lights on the tower as it seemed to reflect the sea which surrounds it. I was very pleased with the overall effect, but felt I could have over painted the lower turret with Titanium white to make the shadow on the castellation even lighter. I decided against it in the end – Artistic licence!

If I was really picky I would like to make the right hand funnel on the ferry a fraction shorter but again it was so difficult to do in the first place, I decided to leave well alone.

In conclusion I really enjoyed painting this much loved view.”

Ann Hulme
Oil Painting Online Course

oil painting online course

oil painting online course

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