Landscape Scenery Painting by Alan Dedman

Landscape Online Art Diploma Course tutor Alan Dedman has been painting scenery for the recent play ‘The Witches of Eastwick’. The play was put on by BAPA the Bristol Academy of Performing Arts.

BAPA is housed in a converted cigarette factory only a mile from Bristol city centre. They offer high quality, accredited arts training and exciting performance opportunities for the whole community. Alan has been working with them on their recent play and has sent us these photos to share on our blog for his Landscape Diploma students to view.

Alan has written a full blog post about his time painting with the BAPA and you can read it, along with viewing lots more photos on Alan’s blog here – Scenery Painting >>

I wonder how many of Alan’s students have ever painted a landscape painting quite this large. If you have why not let us know and show us your work. Perhaps scenery painting is something our students who are studying a variety of courses might want to get involved in. It’s not only great for experience and practice but it also help with improving painting and drawing skills. Why not contact your local theatre group in your area to see if you can help out. 


landscape scenery painting

landscape scenery painting

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