Improve your creature art, with Aaron Blaise

This is a wonderful video by artist Aron Blaise which shows how to create a character illustration digitally. Why not improve your creature art by watching this video. The one hour long demo gives an in depth study of the character creation and follows it thorough from the initial drawing to completion of the artwork. We recommend our students watch it and bookmark for future use.

Aaron is an illustrator who worked at Disney for 21 years and has a lot of experience in this field. We have featured Aaron’s videos on our blog in previous months and know that they are extremely popular with our students. In addition if you would like to visit Aaron’s website you can find it at We are sure it will be a hit with all of our students, particularly those studying our Illustration Courses. We hope it helps you improve your creature art characters and as a result their development too!

Aron Blaise


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