Pet Portraits Online Art Course

Student Valerie Nicola  is currently working though our Pet Portraits Online Art Course and these are her latest two portraits for submission. We love the horse painting with the green coloured background, the colours really set off the the horse beautifully. Valerie has taken time over working out how to paint the tack which can be quite tricky and it looks lovely and shiny.  The coloured pencil drawing of the German Shepherd is superb too.

Tutor Gayle said about the painting….

The subtle background is excellent, it complements the horse perfectly without drawing the viewer’s attention. I would have left out the little bit of fence as without seeing the photograph it would be really hard for the viewer to decide what it was. Think to yourself does this object add anything to my painting? If the answer is no then leave it out.

If you enjoy drawing and painting animals and would like a little guidance from a professional pet and wildlife artist, why not head on over to our website to find out more. The Pet Portraits Online Art Course is a great foundation for any artists from beginner to intermediate and those who wish to become a professional pet portrait artists too.

pet portraits online art course

pet portraits online art course

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