Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course – Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas is currently studying with Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course. The first piece of artwork which you can see below is wonderfully designed. Michelle has created a double page spread for a Children’s book about a cat floating down the stream. Is the cat really dreaming though?! We have added a detail of each side of the painting below to show it in more detail.

Maggy said

The little cat character is well seen and the sense of space and depth is good. Michelle has a well-developed personal style, which she can utilise a lot throughout the course.

The second illustration Michelle submitted was a collage style piece. It utilises Michelle’s own wet in wet washes cut into shapes to create a scene. We love the colours Michelle has used and the shapes she has cut are bold and strong which makes for a good narrative within the piece.

We hope you enjoy viewing Michelle’s work. If you would like to have a go at Illustrating children’s books and with the online guidance of a personal tutor, why not pop over to our website to find out more. Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Diploma Course >>


Illustrating Children's Books Online Art Course

Illustrating Children's Books Online Art Course


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