Coloured Pencil Course by Ethne Papenfus

Today’s post is by Ethne Papenfus who has nearly completed our online Coloured Pencil Course with us here at the London Art College. Ethne said about her Pansy drawing….

“I enjoyed doing this painting. Pansies give such a wonderful show of colour in the garden each year. Softened the back greens a little, to keep the emphasis on the flower. In Afrikaans a pansy is called a ‘gesigie’, which means ‘little face’. This pansy really seems to live up to that.

The size of this drawing is A4. I usually work on A3, however for this subject the A4 seemed preferable. The paper I used is Creativ Artist Paper. Nice paper to work with, with a fairly heavy tooth.

I used mostly Prismacolor, Premier, Verithin, and, to a lesser extent, Art Stix coloured pencils for this piece. Also Caran D’Ache Pablo, which is a lovely soft pencil. I also used Faber Castel Eco and Derwent.

I use a Staedtler HB for the initial drawing. Since erasing remains a big part of my drawing attempts, I am wondering if there is a better brand which will erase more easily. I use a kneadable eraser. Of the pencils I’ve tried, Staedtler remains the best.”

Ethne Papenfus

Coloured Pencil Course

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