Drawing & Painting Online Art Course – Leanne Smith

Todays Drawing & Painting Online Art Course post is about a fabulous painting by student Leanne Smith who has just completed the Drawing and Painting Online Art Diploma Course. Students are set a variety of briefs throughout the course and Leanne has interpreted this one beautifully. We love the unusual composition  which gives a very dynamic and bold statement to the painting.

If students are looking to practice their life drawing and are unable to attend a drawing class, there are lots of resources online for students to work from. One of our favourite websites is ArtModelTips.com where you can choose from thousands of examples of life model poses to draw or paint from. Ideally they are designed for students to practice in between life drawing classes as there is no comparison to drawing form life, however they are excellent for practice in the comfort of your own home.

Have any of our students drawn or painted looking at reference on their computer or tablet screens? This is a great way of working, many professional artists, including myself, work from computer screens. If you have any kind of graphics software it will enable you to zoom into the image, rotate the photo, turn in into greyscale to help see tones etc.

If you work from your pc, iMac, tablets etc – why not take a photo of your sent up so we can post it here on our blog for students to see!


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