Landscape Diploma Course

Larissa Andreassen, who is from Norway, studied at the Moscow School of Architecture and Design. She went on to complete a number of courses with us at the London Art College including the Landscape Diploma Course. All of our art courses are online and students can study from their own home from around the globe.

Whilst on our courses Larissa studied with tutor Alan Dedman on the Landscape Painting Diploma Course and the Oil Painting Diploma Course. She then went on to study our very popular Botanical Painting Online Art Diploma Course, currently being taught by superb botanical artist Shevaun Doherty.

Larissa Said

“Though I spend most of my time painting watercolors, I enjoy the freedom of oil and acrylic from time to time. I love bold colors. Painting is the way I need to be grounded into some sort of peace and harmony”.

Landscape Diploma Course  Artwork

Larissa painted these two wonderful studies whilst on the Landscape Diploma Course and we absolutely love them. They are superb. Larissa has used the scenery which surrounds her in Norway and has captured the feel of the landscapes beautifully. We particularly love the first painting below where you can see Larissa has used aerial perspective to her advantage. She has used colours, tones and a soft brush effect to allow the mountains to recede into the distance. She has also used clean crisp lines in the mid ground area so that our eye is drawn to the buildings. The foreground is again muted in colour using soft focus so that we sweep gently into the painting.


Larissa who lives in Bergen, is currently setting up regular botanical art classes in her surrounding area. If you are interested in working with Larissa, drop her a line via her facebook page. You will be able to see more of Larissa’s oil paintings and her superb Botanical studies too.

Landscape Diploma Course

Landscape Diploma Course


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