Photography Online Art Dipoma Course – Alan Schreiber

Did you know we have a Photography Online Art Diploma Course available to our students?

One of the most used pieces of equipment for artists is a camera – whether it be an old fashioned film camera, an up to the minute digital SLR – or a mobile or tablet. We all take photos for a multitude of reasons.

We take photos of…..

  • Our paintings and drawings for posterity – or to send for critique!
  • Photos for reference to paint or draw from
  • If we are allowed, we take photos in galleries for inspiration
  • We take photos of animals and people for portraits
  • Macro photos for botanical artwork
  • Capturing the movement of water in streams or the sea
  • Photos of landscapes, sunsets and sunrises
  • Photos of misty eerie days, great for illustrations…


But do you really know how to get the best out of your camera? Could your photos be better? If you move to the left or right a little, would your photo have been better? In turn, if you were painting or drawing from it, would you have ended up with a better composition for your artwork?

Rona Cox can help you with all of these points and more if you join her, just like student Alan Schreiber has. Alan’s photo of his orchid below is beautiful. For our artists studying botanical art, watercolour, drawing and painting diploma etc we can see how this photo would translate beautifully into a painting or drawing.

Why not pop over to our website and see Rona’s Photography Course Page and drop us a line if you have any questions today…


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