Jennifer Leach is currently working with tutor John Byrne on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Art Course. Jennifer has created her illustration below using traditional media, however students are more than welcome to use digital mediums on this course too, along with a mix of both.

Jennifer said about her painting, which was a design for  DVD cover…

“This is an image of my DVD cover, for a film I made up called The Clockwork Seers. The character in the background is a villain called a Clockwork Seer and they’re an alien species”

If our students and readers enjoy illustrating Science Fiction / Fantasy style artwork, there are lots of inspirational artists showing their work on You can see a mixture of traditional artwork and digital displayed and we guarantee the artwork will spark ideas for your own work.

We particularly like the work of Illustrator Nick Price who created all of the Womble Illustrations along with many other characters for Children’s books. Definitely a must see!


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