Linda Charge

Do we have any readers that are looking to learn more about painting, however are a little hesitant in trying out new mediums? If so, our Beginners Painting short course might be perfect for you. Student Linda Charge has created some amazing paintings and we are thrilled to be able to post then here on our blog. We hope that they inspire you to pick up your brushes today! We love the beautiful greens Linda has mixed in all three paintings. They have certainly brightened our day – we hope they have brightened yours too!

Gisela Robinson

A very exciting blog post today of artwork by student Gisela Robinson.  Gisela took a photo of her illustration on her drawing board surrounded by her paints and pencils for us to see. You can also view her studies and sketches she has created whilst on the Illustrating Children’s book Diploma Course. We are thrilled to add them to our blog today and hope Gisela’s working environment inspires our students. Why not take a photo of your artwork desk and email it to us for the blog! We would love to see where you all work!

Deborah Gale

Welcome to todays blog post with artwork by student Deborah Gale. She is studying with Alan Dedman on the Portrait Painting Course, which allows students to study facial features in a variety of mediums. Sometimes it is daunting to produce a full portrait of a person. There is so much to think about – proportions, skin tones, getting the features in the correct places, direction of shading, weight of line and thats without even thinking about creating a likeness of the person you are drawing. It’s not easy! So breaking it down and practicing features can be really useful. Deborah has created some studies in graphite pencil, however you can use any medium of your choice. Why not give it a go yourself and see what you come up with.

Lynne Stuart-James

Lynne Stuart-James is working on the Botanical Coloured Pencil Course and we have added two of Lynne’s studies today. They are both of the same rose, one is in graphite pencil and the other is rendered using coloured pencil. Tutors often ask students to create two drawings like this, one first in monochrome to help them understand the depth of tones, the detail, structure light and shade of the subject. Students then find it much easier to create the second colour version as they are familiar with the scene from the initial practice exercise. It really helps students – so why not try this yourself!

Elena Peres

Our Pastel Painting course not only allows students to experiment with the medium, but also with different papers too. Paper type is very important when working in pastel. There are a number of different pastel papers on the market and each one is very different to the next. You will also find artists have their own personal favourites to work with too. Here Pastel Course student Elena Peres has created the same still life scene using two different papers, both creating very different results – equally beautiful and very well drawn. Which pastel painting do you prefer?

Karen Murphy

Student Karen Murphy studied on our Oil Painting Course and these are two wonderful paintings from her course assignments. Karen has a beautiful and textured style of painting which helps create movement in her work. The background to her still life is not only stunningly rich in colour, is serves as a soft textured background for the scene. It doesn’t interfere with the objects, yet is the perfect accompaniment to them. You can almost reach out and touch the orange due to it beautifully painted texture. All of the colours work very well indeed – orange and blue being complimentary colours, so any objects here using these ranges are bound to gel well together. Congratulations Karen on two stunning paintings.


Christine Duckett

A superb painting today by Children’s Illustration student Christine Duckett. Christine has created lots of moment within the scene here with the Fiery Fred character. The bright rich orange colours of the land stand out so well from the deep midnight blues of the sky and the vivid greens of Fred the dragon. The vignette shape that Christine has create is also fabulous, with the curls of smoke creating the edge of the illustration. This one will certainly be inspirational for our illustration students!