Delia Chamberlain

We have some stunning paintings and preparatory work today by London Art College student Delia Chamberlin, who is studying our Still Life art course with tutor Alan Dedman. Delia is mid way through the course and we are very much looking forward to seeing her subsequent sets of work.

Our Still Life Art Course offers a comprehensive exploration of still life. Throughout the course, students delve into the fundamentals of composition, lighting, perspective, and texture, learning how to breathe life into inanimate objects on canvas or paper.

With a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary approaches, students are encouraged to develop their own unique style while honing their observational skills. Through a series of guided assignments and feedback from our tutors, students gain confidence in their ability to capture the essence of objects.

Whether it’s the play of light on a vase of flowers or the intricate details of a bowl of fruit. By the end of the course, students emerge with a deeper understanding of still life art and the skills to create compelling and evocative compositions.

If you would like to read more about the course, why not visit our website for more details.. Still Life Art Course.

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