Ingrid van Duikeren

Looking for an illustration course, with feedback of a tutor, I was glad to found the online art courses of London Art College.

I recently finished the course, digital illustration.

The digital illustration course and especially the assignments, have given me a lot of positive thoughts.

Thinking of the course, I remember reading the assignment and reading it again. Struggled. Started the job. Unsure how. Frustration. Just go and do it! For me the key to the flow of a result that I would never have achieved on my own, without the pushing of the course. I pushed myself and how rewarding was that. With the positive, inspiring and stimulating feedback of Monique Piscaer Bailey, a snowball effect was created

My self-confidence has increased during the courses. I did the first two courses, Illustration and watercolour, with the wonderful tutor Steven Hersey. The combination of drawing, painting and being educated in the digital possibilities, felt for me so rewarding.

Now, after completing three courses of London Art College, I have developed the self-confidence that I can push myself now to make it myself difficult in a positive way.

Ingrid van Duikeren

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