Weekend Art Challenge Results – Blue and White

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge results. This week we asked our students to create any artwork, as long as it was limited to the colours blue and white. As you can see our students have created some absolutely superb pieces below and we are thrilled to be able to showcase them here on our blog.

We very much enjoy the wet in wet watercolours some of our students used, and the use of salt to create texture. We also are extremely impressed with the portraits too. It just shows you can create any kind of drawing or painting using a limited pallet of blue and white, in any subject, and it still feels realistic, solid, three dimensional. Congratulations to everyone who took part this week. Stay tuned for another challenge tomorrow.

Watercolor and masking fluid, blue and white challenge
Nina Kottoor
Blue and white. These are my favourite colours. Thank you
Van Khanh Nguyen
Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White, oil paint on board, A4 size. It was a nice reminder that tone is the most important element in a painting, with the liberating restriction of just using one colour!
My Blue / White Watercolour using A Gallo “ Twigs”
Kathryn Peters Smith
Here’s a blue and white Wolf painting using watercolour.
Catherine Thompson
Blue and White Watercolour paint with rock salt sprinkled on it, and pen and ink.
Lucy Coyle
Weekend challenge blue and white. If oranges were blue would they still be oranges?
Angela Chalmers
Blue and white. Quick watercolour while holidaying in Les Arcs, France. Perfect timing.
Dinah Barker
Blue and White Children’s paint has been used for this challenge
Nina Phillips
For the new weekend challenge : this is indigo watercolour pencil.
Emma Miller
Blue and white. These are my favourite colours. Thank you
Van Khanh Nguyen

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