Weekend Art Challenge Results – Rabbits & Hares

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge where we asked our students to create artwork of hares and rabbits. We have received some beautiful pieces this week, some lovely watercolours, mixed media and some digital paintings too. These challenges really do help our students step outside their comfort zone. Try to use a medium that you might not usually use, you might find that you enjoy and learn something from it when you do!

Thank you to all of our students who took part this week. Stay tuned for our next art challenge coming tomorrow. Keep up the great work and happy creating, everyone!

Emma M
This little line art bunny hopped onto my iPad. 🙂 Done in Procreate. 
Ni Ni
Here is my painting of a European hare!! It is made using ink and watercolour.
First steps with Procreate graphics software. Rabbits theme.
Angela C
Hare hiding in the grass, made using mixed media!
This is a quick drawing of a hare due to moving this week. Very basic as just drawn with pencil. Nothing fancy this week
Nina Phillips

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