Weekend Art Challenge – Stillness and Serenity

We hope that the results to this weekends art challenge finds you relaxed. Why not take a lovely well deserved 5 minute break and breathe deeply whilst looking at the results of our stillness and serenity challenge. The students have all embraced the topic creating the most beautiful artwork, illustrating and conveying the subject in their own ways perfectly.

We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we have, this was definitely a good challenge for our students to explore and one we will revisit next year. In the mean time, stay tuned as another challenge will be on its way tomorrow.

“Stillness & Serenity. Pencil and ink sketch, colored with Van Gogh watercolor.
Johan Vanden Borre
Here’s a quick small oil sketch I created this weekend that, for me, fits this week’s theme of serenity. I’d love to be sitting under a tree looking across these peaceful fields on a still late summer’s day 🙂
Watercolour and ink.
Ni Ni
Had a lot of fun with this one, thanks for another great challenge! Used procreate again for this one.
It was the perfect challenge this weekend, we have spent the weekend staying with friends who live in the Lake District! They took us to a Buddhist temple with beautiful gardens that led onto the beach. The gold ornamentation on the roof of the temple was so eye catching and inside it was so serene. I’ve tried to be clever and shown the outside and inside the roof on my sketch.
 I thought that this painting, which I am currently doing as part of my 4th assignment, fits well with the the theme of ‘Stillness and Serenity’. .
Mixed medium: watercolour pencils that have been used both wet and dry. And stickers
Watercolour on rough paper.
Stillness and Serenity, I used charcoal and white soft pastel.
Stillness and serenity. Floral reflections. At last I was able to get into the garden for some en plein air painting. Palette knife, oil on board.
Dinah Barker
Emma M

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