Weekend Art Challenge Results – Psychedelic Art

Welcome to the results of our weekend art challenge where we asked our students to create artwork using psychedelic colours. We absolutely love the results our students have created, which you can see below. Nina has even used our logo coloured stripey background in her artwork. Excellent!

This is a lovely challenge to create artwork around, as you could almost choose any object like a mug, or some fruit in a bowl and instead of drawing and shading them their correct colours, you could create a lovely swirly coloured pattern all over them to help create their three dimensional form. So a lemon, which looks like a lemon… but is actually shaded with swirls of blue and green. The ideas are endless for this kind of challenge and we hope that you give it a go at home too and have a bit of fun!

We will have another challenge coming shortly! Stay tuned!

Nina Phillips
Water colour pencils and ink
Ni Ni
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Psychedelic Fish tank. Sometimes i swap my pencils for Procreate.
Angela Chalmers
Psychedelic blobs! Watercolour with white gel pen and black for mark makings.
Debbie Davidge

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