Weekend Art Challenge Results – Insects & Bugs

Welcome to our latest blog post for our most recent weekend art challenge all about insects and bugs. We have received some beautiful artwork this week, which you can see below. Some stunning coloured pencil pieces, digital art, watercolour, mixed media, pen and ink and ball points and fineliners.

We love it when students take advantage of the different mediums available, experimenting with them, taking them outside of their comfort zone. This is what these challenges are all about, trying something new and broadening your horizons, not just with materials but the different subjects that we set each week. It really helps you grow as an artist.

We hope that our students enjoyed this challenge, there will be another one on the way tomorrow!

I have just finished a coloured pencil drawing of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on a pastel mat.
Rhia Janta-Cooper
 Insects and bugs. It’s a mixed medium collage of sequins and children’s paint of a gypsy moth lava.
Nina Phillips
Please find attached my contribution to this weekend’s Art Challenge, a new interpretation of a classic Harry Potter quote.
Marianne Tatschner
Kathrin Wilfong
Snail drawing using Pitt artist pens.
Playing around with ballpoints and fineliners!  Some kind of grasshopper!

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