Weekend Art Challenge Results – Dark Stary Sky

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge where we have set our students the task of creating a piece of artwork along the lines of a dark stary sky. We have received some amazing pieces, not only with a dark stary sky but also the milky way too! There is a lot of work in some of the paintings below, dedication in creating the the stars all of different sizes and tones.

This was a wonderful challenge and we are so pleased with how our students tackled the task. Our challenge was well times with the Arora Borealis events here in the UK recently.

A big congratulations to all our students who participated this week. We have another exciting challenge coming tomorrow, and we hope that you all enjoy it! See you next time!

Kathryn Peters Smith
Paula Monaghan
Weekend Challenge: Starry night
A pencil drawn moon, a cow coloured in with children’s paint and felt tip pen. And sticker silver stars to create the scene from “ Hey Diddle diddle” with the cow jumping over the moon
Nina Phillips
This is cardigan bay in the moonlight, inspired by my recent holiday there (the highlight of which was seeing bottle nosed dolphins most days!) and also inspired by Munch – the scream!
Catherine Thompson
I used children’s holographic black scratch paper.
Lucy Coyle
AM Watts

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