Benjamin Magesh

This stunning painting has been created by London Art College student Benjamin Magesh whilst working along side tutor Alan Dedman on the Landscape Painting Diploma Course. We will be posting more of Benjamin’s artwork over the coming weeks, however we wanted to add this is one as a solo blog post for our readers and fellow students to admire.

The painting is large, which has enabled Benjamin to create all of the stunning detail, particularly in the tree. If you zoom in closely you can see that the leaves have been delicately painted, whilst being aware of the correct colours and tones for the lighting. Note that the leaf colours and tones vary as they move from the top of the painting down to the lower shadowed areas.

Each section of the painting, has areas of bright warm light and cool purple hues. As we move our eyes down the painting, we can feel the warmth moving into the coolness, the further we get to the lower plains.

We hope that you enjoy viewing Benjamin’s painting as much as we have and we would like to congratulate Benjamin on a impressive piece.

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