Weekend Art Challenge Results

Welcome to our most recent results for our weekend art challenge where we set our students the task to create a piece of artwork using the letter B. It could be in any medium or style, just as long as the subject began with the letter B.

We have been sent so many amazing paintings and drawings for this challenge, it really has been a popular one. Scroll below to see how much time and care our students have spent on their artwork for this challenge. We are amazed at the quality. We feel that it the challenges are helping to improve our students creativity, observational skills, knowledge about the materials used and also being able to start and finish a piece within a short space of time. Not to mention the courage to post and share work with us!

Keep up the amazing work everyone, another challenge will follow soon!

The letter B. – I decided to do some kind of lettering work here. You can probably tell that I’m a breakfast person. 🙂 
Kathrin Wilfong
B is for bay, this is a watercolour painting of cardigan bay, that is the view from the balcony of our holiday home. I haven’t done it justice at all, perhaps my next course should be landscape painting!!
Catherine Thompson
Nurgül Özkeser
I love drawing in pen and created this badger on grey paper using black and white pen. I think the combination is really effective and the grey paper can do a lot of the tonal work for you.
Lisa Norman
B is for Broccoli drawn on a white background using colour pencils.
I chose two Bs this week: boy and balloon. It is a digital drawing done on an ipad in Procreate.
Marianne Tatschner
For the weekend challenge, I drew a cartoon baboon from The Lion King, one of my favorite cartoons.
Beavers building a bridge. 
Ainsley Bloomfield
Here is the Bakekujira ( Japanese: 化鯨, ghost whale) is a mythical Japanese yōkai ( ghost, phantom, or strange apparition) from western Japan. It is described as being a skeleton whale that is accompanied by unknown fish and weird birds.
Water soluble ink pencils.   Rosalind.
Emma Miller
Nina Phillips

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