Weekend Art Challenge Results – Hands

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge results where we asked our students to draw or paint their hands. Or someone else’s if they could find someone to sit for them! We have received some stunning pieces, particularly admiring the work of student Anthony, who created a full colour hand painting using oil pastels. Incredible work, we are very impressed!

We have received such a variety of artwork this week, we are thrilled that students are choosing to experiment with different mediums for these challenges too. It is helpful to allow yourself to not be too precious with these challenges and just go for it. Allowing you to really sink your teeth into the challenge and not worry too much. These pieces all all about having some fun, not worrying too much, giving it a go and putting yourself out there. It really will help you as a growing artist!

Another challenge will be announced tomorrow. Well done everyone and stay tuned!

Thumbs up to the challenge!! Made using grey drawing pen and coloured pencil.
Catherine x
Hands. I used oil pastels.
Ni Ni
Here’s my drawing for this weekend’s Art Challenge on hands. It was a challenge, but I’m finally reasonably happy with the result. The drawing was done on an iPad with Procreate.
Pencil with watercolour background.
 Ink pens and watercolour paint, I originally drew it in ink only, but thought it looked a bit bland, so added bright colours.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Hands – I drew my own hand using soft pastels, coloured pencil and a bit of gold glitter.
Nina Phillips
Emma Miller
Paula Monaghan

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