Weekend Art Challenge Results – Pigs & Piglets

Welcome to the results of our latest weekend art challenge all about Pigs and Piglets. Our students have created some beautiful artwork this week, truly superb.

Our students have also used a variety of mediums from pen and ink, pastel, digital, coloured pencil, watercolour and mixed media. We love that our students are enjoying experimenting with their art materials!

Such a lovely collection of artwork and we hope that you enjoy viewing them. Pat on the back to all of our students who took part. Stay tuned as there will be another challenge tomorrow!

First time using Pastelmat; soft chalk pencils and sticks.
Illustrations above and below by Mariola O
Thanks for another fabulous Weekend Art Challenge! My contribution this week is Colin, who thinks he might just fly and believes that anything is possible (though he isn’t 100% sure…). 🙂 Colin was created using gouache and ink. 
This pig is fast asleep, made with pastels.
Catherine T
Here is a rainbow of piglets with their mum Violet, also made using pastels.
Catherine T
Ink and colour pencils
Ni Ni
Clifford Herbert
Not a weekend challenge, took me quite a few hours, but still a pig.
Pastel pencils on Pastelmat.
Julie Martin-Molyneux
For the big pig I used mixed medium. Children’s paints, googly eyes and I made a paper spring to make the snout stand out. For the piglets I’ve only used coloured pencils
Nina P
Judith T
 Gloucester Old Spot piglets. Graphitint water crayons.
Dinah B
Weekend challenge “Pigs and Piglets” with Neocolor II water soluble crayons.
Johan B
Weekend challenge piglet. Castle gold pencils on Bristol Board.
Angela C
Emma M

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