Weekend Art Challenge Results – Landmarks

This weekend, our students really embraced our Landmark Challenge idea. We asked them to draw or paint a landmark they know or admire. The task was simple. Choose a landmark that holds personal or historical significance, and bring it to life through art. They could draw, paint, use any mediums they would like at any size. They could use mixed media, digital, photos, pen and ink, drawing, painting.. the choice was theirs.

We have received some amazing pieces of work this week, it was a fantastic idea for a challenge and we hope our students enjoyed it. Each piece below has been very carefully designed and rendered – so well done to everyone who took part this week. Stay tuned as there will be another challenge on its way tomorrow!

Weekend challenge 24/5/24 – Building / landmark. St Basil’s in Moscow. Castle Gold pencils and A4 Bristol board. I always wanted to see this but last attempt got scuppered by Covid. I love the colours and shapes. Lots for me to work on but I’m pleased with this first attempt.
I’ve chosen “The Angel Of The North” It’s a mixed medium. Chalk, soft pastels, acrylic paint and a black marker pen. To give the 3D look I’ve made paper springs.
Nina Phillips
Window/ balcony detail of Casa Batllo in Barcelona by Gaudi. Oil pastel
Ni Ni
I drew the Artist’s Cottage at Farr, near Inverness, was built in 1992 from an unexecuted design prepared by Mackintosh in 1900.
I’ve used fine liner and photoshop.
Here’s my picture for this weekend’s art challenge on landmarks. I’ve used ink and watercolour.
Sydney Opera House
Ni Ni
This is a mixed media work of “The Wrekin”, which is a major landmark of Telford, Shropshire. I have climbed the Wrekin many times, and when we go away on holiday, I always know I’m home when I can see the Wrekin.
Legend has it that that giants created it, and it was also Tolkien’s inspiration for middle earth (Lord of the rings) as Tolkien lived nearby.
Julie Smalley
Tallinn, Estonia.
Julie Smalley

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