Ethne Dian

Art is a journey. Every step leads to new creativity. For London Art College student Ethne Dian, this journey has been marked by a seamless transition from our Illustration Diploma Course to our Cartooning Diploma Course, with a visual transformation in her artwork.

The Illustration Course

Ethne’s artistic journey began with our Illustration Diploma Course. This course introduced her to visual storytelling, composition, and the subtle art of conveying emotions through images. Ethne’s storyboard titled “Mrs. Peckit Goes to Town” is a vibrant narrative that captured the essence of Mrs. Peckit’s adventurous day in town.

The storyboard was a testament to Ethne’s keen eye for detail and her ability to weave a story through her illustrations. Her characters were expressive, her scenes lively, and the overall composition engaging. The storyboard was met with high praise from her tutor Steven Hersey. You can see the illustration below.

The Cartooning Course

Inspired by her success on our Illustration course, Ethne decided to further hone her skills by enrolling on our Cartooning Course. Here, she was tutored by John Byrne, an experienced cartoonist with a knack for bringing stories to life through humour and dynamic visuals. Under John’s guidance, Ethne embarked on a journey to refine her storyboard, “Mrs. Peckit Goes to Town,” transforming it into a captivating cartoon. Ethne learned how to enhance her characters to create a more engaging narrative. Here is the new version with improved storytelling techniques learned on the Cartoon Course….

Ethne’s story is a testament to the power of continuous learning and the impact of our dedicated tutors. Ethne’s experience is a reminder that taking multiple courses and seeking guidance from our experienced tutors can significantly enhance your skills and take your artwork to new heights. Art is indeed an ongoing journey for everyone and we wish Ethne the best of luck in her future illustrations and cartoons.

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