Marjorie Olsen

London Art College student Marjorie Olsen has created two stunning illustrations for her first set of work on the Children’s Book Illustration Course. Marjorie’s tutor Maggy Roberts was thrilled with her submission and cant wait to see what Marjorie produces for her next set of work.

The Children’s Book Illustration Course is designed for aspiring illustrators looking to hone their skills in creating captivating visuals for children’s literature. Our course provides a structured curriculum covering various aspects of illustration, including character development, storytelling techniques, composition, and the use of different mediums.

Students receive personalized feedback from Maggy throughout the course, guiding them in refining their style and technique. Whether beginners or seasoned artists, our course equips students with the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in children’s book illustration. If you would like to find out more about the course, head over to our website – Children’s Book Illustration Course.

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