Weekend Art Challenge – Orange and Black

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge where we set our students the task to create a painting or drawing of anything they would like as long as it was in the colours orange and black. We are absolutely thrilled with the results we have received from our students. They have all created absolutely superb pieces of artwork, all very different to the other. All of our students who took part should be so proud and we hope that you all enjoy viewing the collection below.

We will have a new challenge tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

Here is a flower painting for the black and orange challenge. It is painted using acrylics, I used wet on wet, so had to have the orange paint quite thick in places to make it show, the painting has a lovely texture to it.
Catherine Thompson
Here’s another painting for black and orange, it’s made with a very thin skimming of orange paint on canvas and then black pen for the tiger.
Catherine x
Here’s my artwork for the Weekend Art Challenge: Orange and Black. 
Marianne Tatschner
Please find my submission for the weekend art challenge: Orange and black. I used black acrylic, then used orange (yellow and red!) oil paint.
Anthony Snell
The sunflowers were drawn in orange and black inks and painted using a palette of Payne’s Gray, Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Orange, and Burnt Sienna. 
Ainsley Bloomfield
Very early experimenting with chalk pastels …. messy but strangely liberating!
Orange and black
A painting in peepal leaf
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
A very basic painting of a picture of an eclipse.
Nina Phillips
Weekend Challenge – Orange and Black.
Title: Bear w. Beethoven.
Justin Robinson
Really enjoyed the challenge – rising from the deep! Soft pastels
Gelise McCullough
Bare tree in the glowing sunset. Watercolour.
Debbie Davidge
Owl, coloured pencils
Angela Chalmers

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