Competition Entries are now Online!

The entries to this years Official 2016 London Art College Competition are now online. Click the image below, a digital painting entered by student Maria Florencia Devoto, to see the superb entries and choose your favourite!  We will have the finalists online shortly and the winners will be announced this coming week. You might also like to visit our main competitions page to see previous competitions too –London Art College Competitions Page.


London Art College Competition 2016

London Art College Competition 2016

Welcome to this years official London Art College Competition 2016. Students can enter any piece of artwork they have created, in any medium, apart from pure photography. It can be from your course work or something you have created outside of your college work.

Open to all current students plus those who completed from September 2015

  • Students may only enter one image, in jpeg format.
  • Email a scan or photograph of the artwork, making sure it is good quality and well presented
  • Try to keep your images under 5mbs

Take care with your entry and make sure it is –

  • Cropped to the edge of your artwork
  • Make sure the photo isn’t out of focus or blurred
  • Try not to take photos on an angle to distort your artwork.
  • Do not include the mount or frame your artwork is displayed in.

The deadline for our competition is October 5th 2016 – UK time. First prize is £200 and second prize is £100 in Amazon Vouchers.

Email your entries to

If you have any questions about the competition, please email

We wish you all the best of luck!


The Prize for Illustration 2017 – Sounds of the City

Spencer Hill, our very experienced and friendly tutor who teaches both our Illustration Online Art Diploma Course and our Digital Illustration Online Art Diploma Course has made us aware of a new competition by the AOI – Association of Illustrators. Spencer felt that  his Illustration students on both courses might be interested in entering, plus it could appeal to all students of the London Art College. Let us know if you enter!


The Association of Illustrators (AOI) in partnership with London Transport Museum (LTM), is delighted to announce that submissions are now open for The Prize for Illustration 2017.

This year the theme is Sounds of the City – an illustrated interpretation of urban sound.

Find out more on the AOI website here – Sounds of the City Competition


The illustration below is last years winning entry. We hope you fin it inspiring. If you enter, drop us a line with your entry and we will add it here on the blog.

image1 (1)

BBC – Calling All Amateur Painters

We have received a notification from The BBC and thought that we would share it with our students. If you take part, do let us know!




Do you think with the right coaching and inspiration you could become a truly great artist? BBC One is looking for amateur painters to take part in this exciting new show, which will give 10 artists the chance of a lifetime to discover just how brilliant they can become.

If you fit the bill and are 16 or over then please email us for more information and an application form:

Cartooning Competition – Deadline Soon!

The Cartooning Competition is nearly coming to a close. The deadline is looming! John Byrne ,the Cartooning Tutor tells us that this is the optimum time for cartoonists to start thinking about the competition and creating their design – as all cartoonists perform better under strict deadlines! So the following has been written by Spencer Hill (professional cartoonist and Digital Illustration tutor) to help our budding cartoonists with some inspiration. Best of luck everyone!

Knock knock jokes have been around for such a long time that most people know this ‘call and response’ format. Let’s over explain it anyway:

The joke teller says “knock knock” to which the willing recipient replies “who’s there?”
The joke teller now delivers the first part of the feed, which could be anything from a name to a made up word or an object.
The recipient repeats this with the word “who” added and the joke teller delivers the punchline. In most knock knock jokes this punchline is a repeat of the last line with a little more added to make it funny. 

Sometimes it is a new line completely, or the funny part is the joke teller interrupting the recipient before they can say “The interrupting cow who?”.

It is much easier to give an example:

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Doris who?
Doris locked! That’s why I’m knocking

Clearly there are two parts to this conversation which suggests two people. However this is a cartoon, so the conversation could be between a person and a door, two alarm clocks, the Earth and the Moon or anything related or not related to the actual joke. You are only limited by your imagination and the bounds of good taste as with the joke itself.

The format for a knock knock cartoon suggests that you need to draw a comic strip, but if you preferred there could just be one scene with multiple speech balloons or bubbles detailing the conversation. Again, how you do this is up to you.

If you don’t have any knock knock jokes in your head don’t worry. All you need is an Internet connection and a search facility and you will be plunged into a sea of possibilities. We are not on a quest for the most original knock knock joke ever, just a cartoon which makes us laugh.


Only one entry per student, in jpeg format – please try to keep file sizes below 10mbs.
All entries sent to
Deadline for the competition is 1st of April – April Fools Day!
Winner receives £50 Amazon Vouchers.

Any questions please email


Written by Spencer Hill
Digital Illustration Course


Cartooning Competition 2016

Welcome to the official London Art College Cartooning Competition 2016. Our cartooning competition is open to all of our current students. It has the theme of Knock Knock….

Students can interpret this any way they wish. We are looking for good imagination, good cartoon drawing and most of all how loudly they make us laugh!

Only one entry per student, in jpeg format – please try to keep file sizes below 10mbs.
All entries sent to
Deadline for the competition is 1st of April – April Fools Day!
Winner receives £50 Amazon Vouchers.

Any questions please email

Good Luck and Have Fun!!


And the winners are……

All of the tutors at this years annual general meeting had a very difficult task choosing the winner and runner up from this years competition finalists. We had a record breaking number of entries this year at 156.

We are extremely pleased to announce that the winner is Claire Ninham with her watercolour painting called ‘Final Bow’. Our Runner up was Monique Bailey with ‘Girl and Swan’.

All of the entries and finalists can be found on our competitions page >> and we hope you enjoy viewing them!