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Here is another opportunity, this time for children’s illustration students. Good luck and if you are involved in the project let us know!


I am writing to ask if any of your students would like to illustrate any of my next children’s books. I have published 2 paperbacks with Hauxwell Publishing for the pre-school market and my third book is due out in Spring (in hard back). I have a book deal with Hauxwell Publishing. Unfortunately, because Hauxwell are a tiny, new publisher, I have not made any money (either by advance or in royalties) from the books and it is unlikely that I will make any money from my next few books. At the moment, I am just writing as a hobby, because it’s what I love to do, but in the knowledge that it is building up my portfolio as a writer. This means that the artist will not make any money either, but it would be a good opportunity for a new artist to have a publication for their portfolio. So, if, like me, anyone from the College would love to see their work published, I would really like to hear from them. If the artist wishes, we can submit the completed book for consideration to one of the bigger publishers first. If they do not accept it, then it will still be published by Hauxwell Publishing.
The books for Hauxwell Publishing will be produced by Lightning Source Printers in standard colour, with a trim size of 6.69 x 9.61inches or 244 x 170 mm, with a case laminate hardcover. The artist will have to be able to produce .pdf files to this printer’s requirements (which currently are .pdfs generated from Photoshop, Indesign or Quark). The artist will also have to use the printer’s cover design template. Full details of how to prepare the files for this printer can be found here:

Here are a list of example scenes, taken from different books. Any illustrator interested in working on the books should create a .pdf of the scene of the book they would most like to work on and email it to me as a .pdf at the email address below. Please also state if you are willing to work on other books instead.

1. Mikey The Jungle Monkey – Young Mikey has a large toy chimp that he takes everywhere with him. He dreams of going to the jungle, being just like a chimpanzee and meeting all of Monkey’s jungle friends, but Mum wants him back in time for dinner. Sample image – boy’s face looking wistful, with a thought bubble of all the jungle animals at his home for tea, with the mum, dad, little boy and toy monkey around the dinner table.

2. ‘Fraser & The Fire Engine’ – Fraser loves fire engines and he is delighted when the fire fighters come to his school’s Fun Day. Image – fire engine at school fun day with a queue of young children waiting for a turn to use the hose and to see inside the cab.

3. ‘Send That Baby Back! Pregnancy and new baby from a young child’s perspective’ – Amy is about to become a big sister. She wonders how the baby got in Mum’s tummy, but more importantly, she’s worried that her mummy and daddy will love the new baby more than her. Image – mum, new born baby, sulky new big sister Amy and whole load of people who come to visit after the new baby is born (grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends).

4. ‘Tonika the Truth-Teller: Licensed fairytale and bedtime stories myth buster & nightmare slayer extraordinaire’ – Tonika is hired to help at the local children’s home where the children are scared to go to sleep at night because they have nightmares about dragons, the big bad wolf, the bogeyman, giants and witches. Some of the children believe in “nice” things like unicorns and fairies. Most of them even think that they will find loving parents and ‘live happily ever after’. Are any of these things real? Will any of them happen? The children rely on Tonika to tell them the truth. Image – Tonika (female teenager, wearing a cape with a ‘myth buster’ badge?) in an orphanage, talking about dragons, unicorns and wolves.


1.  Can I increase the trim size? – Yes.  I am open to ideas on this and like the idea of a bigger size. Another suggested size might be 8 x 10 inches width x height (or 254 x 203mm height x width), but I am willing to consider any trim size you would like to produce, in line with those offered by the printer, Lightning Source, for a colour hardback (case laminate) which they also offer as a paperback.  Please see their current trim sizes here:

 2. Is the page set up portrait or landscape?  The trim sizes given are for a portrait set-up, but if you think a particular size in square or landscape would work better for your illustrations, then please suggest this (bearing in mind the trim sizes available from the printer).

3. When is the deadline for submissions? There is no deadline, but if you would like to work on a particular story, then please ensure your submission arrives by the end of March 2013 so that it can be judged alongside the other submissions.

4. Can I make a submission for more that one story? Yes, but there is no need to go to that extra work at this stage because if your work is not chosen for one story, you will automatically be considered for other books if you’d like to be. Please make it clear in your email whether you would like to be considered for illustrating other books.

Please email illustrations to

My personal email, if anyone has any questions, is

Many thanks!

Wendy Hesketh

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