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We have received the following details from Oliver Carew from Illustrate it. It looks to be quite an exciting competition. If any of our students enter, let us know!


In the coming few weeks I am due to launch an international online illustration competition, entitled ‘Illustrate it’. The competition was run last year and was a great success, with over 100 entries and 25,000 visits to the website. I am now looking to approach young, talented artists and illustrators with a view to them entering the 2013 competition.

The competition is free to enter and will be open to all artists and illustrators over the age of 18. Entrants will be requested to read a new children’s picturebook entitled ‘The Lucky Book’, which will be posted on the website, and then upload their illustration of a section of the book. The winner will win the opportunity to illustrate the whole of the book, due to be published later this year, as well as £2,000. Second and third place prizes will also exist. There is currently a holding page in place at – from here you can click the Facebook and Twitter links to read more about the competition.

Oliver Carew

Illustrate it

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