An opportunity for one of our Children’s Illustration Students….

An opportunity for one of our Children’s Illustration Students….


In summary, my eldest daughter – herself only 12 – has written a series of short rhyming stories ostensibly to entertain her younger sister and cousins.  These stories are genuinely entertaining – I am not an over-indulgent parent!- and feature as their main characters 3 sibling monkeys.

The aim of the stories is to entertain but also each contains a deeper message around appropriate behaviour in common domestic situations – entertaining and educational.

We would like to enhance the experience for the reader by adding illustrations to bring alive both character and scene.  There are 5 stories in her collection and each one contains between four and six distinct scenes that would require illustration.

I am interested to hear from any student that would like the challenge of brigning the characters to life (my daughter has a view of how she wants her characters to look) and in so doing create a compelling visual accompaniment to her text.  I envisage we would provide a brief to interested parties for them to create a single illustration from which we would select a winning example and commission the artist – for a fee – to complete the series.

My hope is that this opportunity would appeal particularly to students engaged on your children’s book illustration course but I am happy to hear from anyone at the college.

We live in the North West of England but the geography is not an insurmountable issue and electronic communications are a great help of course.

My private e-mail address is through which I am happy to discuss the opportunity or answer further questions.


Nick Davies-Brown.


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