Cartoonist collaboration with Cait…

We have received an email from a lady who is looking for a cartoonist to help her with her new project. Caits details and information is below. If you are the successful applicant please let us know!


I am looking for a talented cartoonist to work with me on a script / TV cartoon idea which I have created that needs bringing to life! The sort of style I am after is Garfield / Roadrunner/ Simpsons style (block colours, stylised as opposed to ‘pencil’ style). The theme is adult humour / black humour (think South Park), so not really kiddy cartoons per se.The facial expressions will be the most important thing.

I would be looking for someone who can work with me to bring it to life and take it to the next level – hopefully a pilot with one of the big networks. If you think you have the sort of style that would suit, please get in touch!

My name is Cait and my details are: or 07939 568 402. I hope to hear from you.

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