We have recieved this email from www.lessedra.com – any students who enter, email us your artwork and we will display it here also and wish you the best of luck.


It is my pleasure to announce our 2nd International Competition in A VERY SMALL SIZE Painting, Drawing, Collage, Mixed Media… With a respect to the quality of art not to the size of art…

If you are interested to participate please have a look at the conditions: http://www.lessedra.com/mixed_media.php and prepare your works in the next 2 months,

15 x 15 cm or smaller = equal to 5,9 x 5,9 inches.

When sending them please note no frames, no mounts, just the piece of art, in a simple package stating “No commercial value”.

Thank you for the coopeation started last year!

With my best wishes from Sofia.

Yours Georgi

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