9 days left……

Only 9 days left to enter the official London Art College competition. Their biggest competition of the year! Students can enter one piece of artwork that they have created in any medium to entries@londonartcollege.co.uk

You could be the winner of £200 in amazon vouchers!!

What are you waiting for…!!


London Art College Competition 2015

Have you submitted your entry for the London Art College Competition 2015? Time is running out, there are only two more weeks left to enter!

You can enter any drawing or painting that you have created from all time. It doesn’t have to be part of your course.

Send your entries in jpeg format, preferably keeping files under 5mb’s, to entries@londonartcollege.co.uk Only one entry per student. We will always reply with a follow up email to let you know we have received your entry, so if you don’t receive one of these, drop us a line.

The deadline for the competition is September 27th and please include your full name and student number with your entry. Why not entitle your piece with this information!

Prizes in the form of Amazon vouchers – winner £200 / runner up £100. Get your entry in today!


London Art College Competition 2015

Welcome to this years official London Art College Competition 2015. This competition is open to all London Art College current students and those who completed since Sept 2014.

  • Students can enter any drawing or painting that they have created to entries@londonartcollege.co.uk
  • Please send jpeg images only and try to keep images under 5mb’s please.
  • Only one entry per student, the deadline is 27th of September 2015

If you have any questions just drop us a line. Good Luck!


London Art College Photography Competition Winner!

The winner of the London Art College Photography Competition 2015 is……

Winner – Eleanor Patrick with  ‘Blue Grotto Cliffs, Malta’

The standard of photography this year was very high; this and the fact that the range of interpretation of the theme was great made choosing a winner very difficult.

The winner, Eleanor Patrick’s scene of cliffs, shows technical skill and an eye for composition, producing a stunning shot of bold colour and texture – you can almost hear the sea crashing on the rocks.

Congratulations to Eleanor, an Amazon voucher of £50 is on its way to you.

We would like to recognise a second place and some highly commended students. Colin Armstrong with ‘Sunset Beach’ came a close second which is pictured below. Laura Nickerson, Kevin Pyle and Catriona Jennings are all highly commended.

You can see all of the entries on our website here – Winner and Entries >>


Email from Eleanor –  
“I am both staggered and pleased about this, although looking at the other entries, it was a close thing! I had forgotten all about entering actually.
I shot this with my Pentax *istDS in 2006 in Malta F11 1/250. The boat trips to the Blue Grotto were shut due to high winds so we walked around the cliffs and I took this view because of the light and depth of colour. It didn’t need altering afterwards, which was nice! The sun had done a good job for me 🙂
This has reminded me that I used to provide the photos for nearly all my articles published in national magazines and newspapers over the years and now I have become merely a would-artist relying on my iPhone camera because it’s always with me. But there isn’t time for everything, is there?! 
Anyway, this win has given me a needed kick to take a DSLR with me everywhere.

Thanks again for choosing my picture. It’s made my day!
Runner up – Colin Armstrong with ‘Sunset Beach’


Jim Pinnock – Poster Designs Wanted!

The college have teamed up again with author Jim Pinnock who is looking for students to create a poster for his one off plays. Jim has written a brief below.

Read more about the plays and the competition, post questions and comments in our Common Room here – Jim Pinnock One off Plays Competition
Please submit your entires to jimandjennie@primehome.com
You MUST include the following information.
Full Name
Student Number
Contact Number
Email address
Artwork must be in jpeg format and be resized to 1500 pixels wide or be below 3mb’s in size. Applicants can then arrange a high resolution version to be sent to Jim when the successful candidates have been chosen.


One Act Plays – Brief
By Jim Pinnock


The objective is to produce a simple graphic to be used on the front of theatre programmes and posters for each of my One Act plays.

The artwork would be offered for use by the drama group who are staging the productions. The image may be in either colour or black and white. Colour is probably best but I think that we could possibly offer both options.

The graphic can be in any editable format and I would suggest .jpg
It should incorporate both the title of the play and my byline.
The drama company will insert it into their programmes, posters and handbills and fit the rest of their details around it, so a panel needs to be left at the top for them to insert their name and the bottom for the production dates.
Attached is an example of a graphic produced for ‘The Melting Sands.’

Students may choose one or more of the plays that may be viewed at the link below. Here students can read the synopsis and/or the whole play. All of these One Act plays will take less than 30 minutes to read.


This artwork, for amateur drama companies, does not demand a high level of detail; the key to this is to produce images that are striking and at the same time simple, and that reflect the mood, theme and genre of the production.

Students who are producing images for more than one play do not need to apply the same uniform house style but may do so if they wish.


Photography Competition Open!

Welcome to this years official London Art College Photography Competition. All of our students can enter, whichever course you are taking, please feel free to submit your favourite photo that encapsulates the topic ‘Landscapes & Seascapes’ .

1st prize is £50 Amazon voucher!

Students can enter one photo each sending it to entries@londonartcollege.co.uk. The file size must be reduced to under 3mbs or 1000 pixels wide.

If you require any help please don’t hesitate to post on our competition thread in ‘The Common Room’ – Competition thread >>

The deadline for the competition is midnight 30th of June. Between now and the end of June, take your camera where ever you go. Keep it in the glove box of your car, in your bag…you never know when that perfect photo opportunity will present itself!

Good luck and have fun!


Winner of the Cartooning Competition – Ryan Ball

Congratulations to Ryan Ball who is this years winner of London Art College 1st Annual cartooning competition. All of the entries were absolutely fantastic, each student produced very clever and funny cartoons, however Ryan was a clear winner with high marks from all three judges.  We asked Ryan to send us a paragraph about how he came up with the idea and you can read about it below along with his viewing entry and visiting Ryan’s website and twitter feed.


Regarding the idea, I had the idea of the chicken being very nonchalant about the whole thing early on, and find it funny when animals seem human-like so was thinking of real-life situations of crossing a road or simply walking. And like him, my wife has the car in the week and that’s why I walk! I actually had a few ideas for the punchline and asked my wife her opinion. She didn’t get any of them (!) so I thought I’d go with the one that kinda mentioned her! I’m chuffed to have won.  I’m going use the voucher to buy a car off Amazon.
Thanks again!
Ryan Ball
Twitter @arpeebee



Cartooning Competition Entries Online!

Thank you to all of our students who entered our Cartooning Competition this year. The competition is now closed and we have displayed all of the entries  on our website at the link below. We received a superb number of entries and we hope that you enjoy viewing them. Maybe you can post below as to which is your favourite entry!

Cartooning competition entries 2015 >> 

The winner will be contacted via email and also be announced after Easter both here and on our other social media sites!

Stay tuned and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and enjoy this superb collage by Christine Langham who is studying with Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course.