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We have received an email from Joe Williams telling us about a new game show that he’s helping to create for the UK tv station Channel 4. Have a read below and if you are interested contact him direct. As always the college is no way affiliated with this competition. Have fun!


I’m working for a production company called Victory Television, and we’ve started production on Draw It!, a new Channel 4 game show based on the smartphone app Draw Something. Essentially a digital version of Pictionary. For one of the rounds, we’re looking for artist submissions. If selected, the drawings would appear on the show and the artists would be credited either verbally or visually.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a fee for these submissions, but it should be a fun way to get your name and work on TV. We have had some amazing drawings in so far and I hope this is something that your teachers and students might be interested in.

To send us a drawing, you just play a game against our account on Draw Something. We can then capture it and save it as a video. It will be used in a buzzer round, so the contestants have to guess the picture as it is being drawn. The app tracks your pen movements, so we can then capture your drawing as a video. We then speed it up to reveal on screen over 30 seconds.

We obviously can’t expect you to spend ages on the drawings, typical submissions are 5-20 mins, but the more detailed and complex the better. The standard of submissions so far has been pretty high. You also don’t have to draw the clue provided by the App. You can draw whatever word you like, so long as it is not a copyrighted image.

If anyone wants to submit a drawing, get them to send me an email ( and I can provide them with a username to play against. I’d recommend that anyone interested sends us an e-mail by the end of this week

If you need any more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Joe Williams

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