Children’s Illustration opportunity

We have received another email from an individual who’s currently publishing a children book and needs some illustrations to go with it. If you help out do let us know. We cannot endorse this project, we are merely passing on the information!


I am currently in the phase of publishing a children’s book and I’m looking for an illustrator to this project! The book is called “Jeff’s World” and is about an airplane called Jeff who one day breaks free from the people who been controlling him for his whole life. He gets punished and put away but in the darkest hour, he finally gets rescued by a new friend who takes him to an island called “Toupia’ where he discovers himself.

If this sound interesting to you or if you know someone who might be interested in this project, I’d be happy to send the book for a closer look.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer any compensation at the moment. (I borrowed money myself to be able to publish the book). If the book speaks to your heart I’m sure we can come up with some agreement if the book generates any profit! (It’s a bit up to the illustrator but as whole it’s not a big commitment, the book is only about 60-70 pages long).

Regarding the illustrations: I don’t have any strict requirements, I’m actually very curious of the illustrators own visual interpretation of the text. I should add though that it’s a story that has no define borders and I don’t want to give away too much to the reader. Maybe funny and weird little details and as a whole a style that doesn’t follow the laws of nature. A dream basically.

Markus Lovkvist

0046 76 2208 466

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