London Art College Competition 2017 – Open!

Our yearly London Art College competition is now open. All of our students can enter any piece of artwork they have created in any medium (apart from photography). We have already had 5 entries submitted and the competition only opened yesterday! So look through your artwork…or plan a new painting or drawing and send yours in today. The deadline is October 1st! Good luck!

Requirements :-
Open to all students (plus those who completed from Sept 2016)
ONE entry per student – JPG files only
Please send your entries to –
PLEASE INCLUDE – Full Name, Student Number & Medium
Ideally title your image with your name and student number!
Crop to edge of artwork (do not include frames or mount / matts)
Last day for Entry – October 1st 2017
Prizes in Amazon Vouchers

To see previous years competition winners, along with all of the entries, visit our website – Competitions Page >>

Competition Runner up Natalia Romankova

My name is Natalia Romankova and I am currently studying the Illustrating Children’s Book Online Art Diploma with Maggy Roberts.

What great news! Thank you very much! My picture is called ‘A new friend’. This is the recent one from a series of pictures about Vaska the giraffe. This character was born when I was doing exercises for my first course in London Art College – Illustrating Children Books. Gradually, he became the hero of many of my works. To the moment, I already have 12 published postcards depicting Vaska’s adventures.

Vaska lives in a lighthouse at the seaside. He’s very creative, positive and he likes to try something new. He is alone on the most of the pictures. I was thinking about a friend for him, but for a long time nothing came to my mind. Once I realized who is this friend and how they met. This is a small seagull living in a nest on the top of the lighthouse. Now they just have to become friends. I’ve enclosed below some of the pictures about Vaska’s adventures. The work is done in watercolour. Some small details are emphasized with a black liner. The size is 36 x 48 cm.

I also want to thank my teacher Maggy Roberts! I feel that studying in London Art Collage changed a lot in my life.

Best Regards,
Natalia Romankova
Runner Up of the London Art College 2016 Art Competition







Winner – Shuli Han Dulley

My name is Shuli Han Dulley and I am currently studying the Watercolour Online Art Diploma Course with tutor Jem Bowden.

I would like to thank all of you in London Art College giving me the opportunity to show my art. I always enjoy doing botanical art, and I have been painting flowers and plants for a few years. The painting I put in to the competition  (58 x 36cm) is one of them. It also including some Chinese elements, as I did Chinese painting when I was in China.

I also like to  paint scenery, I need to loose up the way I paint for scenery. I joined London Art College hoping to get help to improve my scenery painting. I also want to thank to  my tutor Jem Bowden, he has given me a lot of advice for my assignments. I will try my best.

Best wishes

Shuli Han Dulley
Winner of the London Art College 2016 Art Competition


The competition winners are……..

We would like to officially thank all of our students for entering into this years London Art College 2016 competition. It was a very difficult task not only to choose the finalists from the amazing entires but also to choose our winner and runner up. Many of the finalists came very close and we would like to mention Mokhtar Ibrahim with his ‘Carpet Seller’ painting who came a close third.

So without further ado, the winner for this years competition is – Shuli Han Dulley for her ‘Kingfisher and Lilipad’ watercolour painting. Shuli will shortly be receiving £200 of Amazon Vouchers.

The runner up with her wonderful children’s illustration painting called ‘Giraffe and Lighthouse’ is Natalia Romankova who will be receiving £100 of Amazon Vouchers.

In the next few days we will have a blog post written by each of the winners so do stay tuned to find out more about each of these fabulous paintings. Again thank you to all of our students who entered. Everyone can now start planning what they will be entering for next years competition…..

Winner – Shuli Han Dulley


Runner Up – Natalia Romankova


Competition Entries are now Online!

The entries to this years Official 2016 London Art College Competition are now online. Click the image below, a digital painting entered by student Maria Florencia Devoto, to see the superb entries and choose your favourite!  We will have the finalists online shortly and the winners will be announced this coming week. You might also like to visit our main competitions page to see previous competitions too –London Art College Competitions Page.


London Art College Competition 2016

London Art College Competition 2016

Welcome to this years official London Art College Competition 2016. Students can enter any piece of artwork they have created, in any medium, apart from pure photography. It can be from your course work or something you have created outside of your college work.

Open to all current students plus those who completed from September 2015

  • Students may only enter one image, in jpeg format.
  • Email a scan or photograph of the artwork, making sure it is good quality and well presented
  • Try to keep your images under 5mbs

Take care with your entry and make sure it is –

  • Cropped to the edge of your artwork
  • Make sure the photo isn’t out of focus or blurred
  • Try not to take photos on an angle to distort your artwork.
  • Do not include the mount or frame your artwork is displayed in.

The deadline for our competition is October 5th 2016 – UK time. First prize is £200 and second prize is £100 in Amazon Vouchers.

Email your entries to

If you have any questions about the competition, please email

We wish you all the best of luck!


The Prize for Illustration 2017 – Sounds of the City

Spencer Hill, our very experienced and friendly tutor who teaches both our Illustration Online Art Diploma Course and our Digital Illustration Online Art Diploma Course has made us aware of a new competition by the AOI – Association of Illustrators. Spencer felt that  his Illustration students on both courses might be interested in entering, plus it could appeal to all students of the London Art College. Let us know if you enter!


The Association of Illustrators (AOI) in partnership with London Transport Museum (LTM), is delighted to announce that submissions are now open for The Prize for Illustration 2017.

This year the theme is Sounds of the City – an illustrated interpretation of urban sound.

Find out more on the AOI website here – Sounds of the City Competition


The illustration below is last years winning entry. We hope you fin it inspiring. If you enter, drop us a line with your entry and we will add it here on the blog.

image1 (1)