Winner of the 2014 Photography Competition

Announcing the Winner of the 2014 Photography Competition

Despite the recent bad weather, students managed to take some wonderful shots for the Photography Competition. We had rainbows and waterfalls, as well as some other wonderful landscapes. The quality was very high and it took the judges quite a while to decide on their final first place; a second place was also awarded.

The winner of the first place for her wonderful picture of her dog went to Sian Perry. Sian will receive a £50 voucher. Second place went to Alan Schreiber for his lovely river shot. Congratulations to them both. If you would like to see the other entries, you may still do so on the forum at:
Many artists take photographs to aid their painting and drawing experience, why not learn how to use your camera by taking the photography diploma course. You already have an artistic eye, why not improve your visual skills and have fun too! You will be very welcome.
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