Cartoon / animation needed for a new music video

We have n unusual request for Cam Cole who is looking for a student to help create an animation or cartoon for his new music video below. If any of our students create anything, let us know! As always the London Art College is not affiliated with this offer and students enter at their own risks.


Are there any students Interested in creating a cartoon or animation for a new music video?

My name is Cam Cole I am a musician/artist and I have just had an album out called “Contribute.” Please check me out here –

I would like one of the songs to have a music video which is a cartoon or animation. The song in question is “Those Woods” and you can hear it by playing it below or playing it on my website here >>

If you are interested please email me at or you can contact me on my mobile 07597 647 428. 

Thank You!

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