Patphucclothing – designs wanted!

We have received an email from the Patphucclothing, regarding designs wanted for clothing. If any of our students are interested, please contact the Patphucclothing direct. As always the college is not affiliated with this offer, student participate at their own risk. We wish them the best of luck and hope they have a great working experience with it!


How would you like to be a part of the growth story of a fledgling clothing brand?

Patphucclothing (phat phuc loosely translated means happy Budda)

We are looking for original, innovative ideas/designs which we can print onto our clothing range under our brand name.

Here’s the thing, if we select your design to print, not only will you receive recognition for the design, we will pay a royalty for each garment sold with your design on.

Please feel free to checkout our website which is in the making, or email me for further details.


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