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Our courses are perfect for those students with work or family commitments as you can start and enrol at any time of the year. There are no entry requirements, you don’t have to even have picked up a pencil or paint brush before.

Our beginners courses and learning to paint and draw courses are a wonderful introductions to start you on your creative path. We will help you get started and give you all the tuition needed to get you started in your new adventure.

  • Whether you are looking to improve your skills for your own enjoyment
  • You would like to set up your own business selling your art
  • Create a portfolio of work for gallery representation
  • You are home schooled or would like extra tuition
  • Or you are looking to further your art career …….We have the perfect course for you.

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Coloured Pencil Course by Ethne Papenfus

Today’s post is by Ethne Papenfus who has nearly completed our online Coloured Pencil Course with us here at the London Art College. Ethne said about her Pansy drawing….

“I enjoyed doing this painting. Pansies give such a wonderful show of colour in the garden each year. Softened the back greens a little, to keep the emphasis on the flower. In Afrikaans a pansy is called a ‘gesigie’, which means ‘little face’. This pansy really seems to live up to that.

The size of this drawing is A4. I usually work on A3, however for this subject the A4 seemed preferable. The paper I used is Creativ Artist Paper. Nice paper to work with, with a fairly heavy tooth.

I used mostly Prismacolor, Premier, Verithin, and, to a lesser extent, Art Stix coloured pencils for this piece. Also Caran D’Ache Pablo, which is a lovely soft pencil. I also used Faber Castel Eco and Derwent.

I use a Staedtler HB for the initial drawing. Since erasing remains a big part of my drawing attempts, I am wondering if there is a better brand which will erase more easily. I use a kneadable eraser. Of the pencils I’ve tried, Staedtler remains the best.”

Ethne Papenfus

Coloured Pencil Course

Pet Portraits – Lynne Faulconbridge

Veterinarian, Lynne Faulconbridge, has just completed her online art course at the London Art College in Pet Portraits. It is tutored by professional pet portraits artist and tutor Gale Mason. Lynne’s final painting for the course is of two dogs in a landscape painted using pastels. Lynne sent the following testimonial to Gayle when she had completed the final set of work. We are thrilled that Lynne enjoyed her course!

Hi Gayle,
My final painting is in Pastel, which is the medium I have enjoyed most throughout the course. I have learnt to use Paintshop Pro to create a composite photo to form the basis of the portrait. It is a challenge to depict paint shopped dogs realistically on a background. Particularly getting scale and outlines right. I hope it has worked ok! Thank you for supporting me along the course and for your detailed critiques – it has been enjoyable and I will miss it!
Lynne Faulconbridge

Lynne also sent another email when she started the course. Consequently it’s always great to receive feedback about our courses, in addition, to find out what our students hope to achieve during the course. Now Lynne has completed our Pet Portraits Diploma, she is ready to start taking commissions for pet portraits.

I think the course so far has been pitched perfectly. Going over basics to help refresh skills and being demanding enough to stimulate interest. I feel I have pushed myself more than I have previously to explore pencils beyond 6B softness and achieve better contrast in black and white. I’ve taken this course as an incentive to get drawing and painting after a long gap. I’m a vet and I am lucky enough to see animals every day. I hope to become competent at animal portraits, enjoy myself. Maybe accept commissions one day, if my work is of sufficient quality.

Are you are interested in becoming a pet portrait artist? Perhaps you wish to develop your animal drawings and painting further. If so, our Pet Portraits Diploma is for you. Prospective students can enroll on our website London Art College Online Art Courses. Start your course at any time and work around your daily job, just like Lynne has.

Pet Portraits

Drawing and Painting Online Art Course – Lisa Chaffrey

Lisa Chaffrey is currently working through our Drawing and Painting Online Art Course. Furthermore she is being guided by tutor Paul Weaver, who is also an excellent and very friendly professional artists and tutor. Paul has been helping Lisa with her drawing and painting skills. In the paintings below Lisa has been studying portraits in watercolour. We particularly like the first painting below, which is full of colour and movement. We also love the way Lisa has used the white of the watercolour paper to her advantage. As a result it has kept the painting light and airy.

Lisa said at the start of the course…

I just want to enjoy doing art, I hope this course will help me improve my very basic art skills and knowledge.

We feel that Lisa is doing a superb job and Paul Weaver recently said about her set 5 artwork….

Hi Lisa,
Well done on completing Set 5, I think this has been your best unit yet! As a result a big improvement on tone and a nice variety of paintings…
Paul Weaver

We would like to congratulate Lisa on two fabulous watercolour paintings, we are all looking forward to seeing Lisa final set of work for the Drawing and Painting online art course.

In conclusion do you feel that you would gain by having some guidance in your drawing and painting? Do you have lots of questions you wish you could ask a professional artist? Why not enroll onto our most popular course today with the London Art College, the Drawing and painting online art course. Most of all study from the comfort of your own home and work the course around your family life and work schedule with ease. Visit the London Art College website for more information.

Drawing and Painting Online Art Course

Drawing and Painting Online Art Course

Oil Painting Online Course – Ann Hulme

Ann Hulme has been working with tutor Alan Dedman on the oil painting online course. Ann paints by mouth. We feel that her initial drawing and the final painting of ‘Elgins Tower’ is absolutely incredible. Ann has written the following text about the painting

“Making a detailed drawing helped me to paint the tower with ease. I tried to paint dark to light most of the time. Working on different areas of the painting to allow the painting to dry if necessary. For instance, I used Ivory black to paint small dots over the walls and castellation of the tower. I allowed it to dry before over painting it with white.

I used Phthalo green to under paint the sea before allowing it to dry and painting with King’s blue mixed with Zinc white to over paint the Phthalo green. Whilst wet, I over painted the King’s blue with Prussian blue for the low lights and Titanium white for the high lights. I was very pleased with how easy the sky was to paint, as compared with water colour.

Using Ivory black with a hint French Ultramarine and Zinc white to get the dark grey low lights on the tower as it seemed to reflect the sea which surrounds it. I was very pleased with the overall effect, but felt I could have over painted the lower turret with Titanium white to make the shadow on the castellation even lighter. I decided against it in the end – Artistic licence!

If I was really picky I would like to make the right hand funnel on the ferry a fraction shorter but again it was so difficult to do in the first place, I decided to leave well alone.

In conclusion I really enjoyed painting this much loved view.”

Ann Hulme
Oil Painting Online Course

oil painting online course

oil painting online course

Oil Painting Art Course Alexandra Pearce

Alexandra Pearce is studying our online Oil Painting Art Course with tutor Alan Dedman. We have added four images below of Alexandra’s work. The images consist of three preliminary studies along with the final painting in the lower right hand corner.

Alexandra added the follow to accompany her work…

“The brief was to create a still life using paints in various colour schemes. The acetate is to provide the black edging for the items used.
The three colour schemes that I used for this exercise were as follows:-

  • A monochromatic scheme using blues. French Ultramarine, Cerulean, Cobalt, and the base was painted in Paynes Grey.
  • The second was using paints on the warmer side of the colour wheel. Cadmium Red, Lemon Yellow, and Dioxazine Purple.
  • This was made up of the three Primary colours, but with the addition of a Chromium Oxide Green.

It was this third colour scheme that I preferred and have worked up into the picture. All the colours used were mixed is various degrees to get the desired effect – with some white added where needed. Rather than try and work over the top of the original, I decided to draw the still life again and then paint it.

I had used an oil paper rather than board, which had originally been covered in a very pale grey emulsion paint to cover the stark white. Because of this I painted it again mixing the colours in a much more muted way, to try and give the effect of reflections from the still life painting.”

We very much like the finished painting and it is really interesting to read the colours Alexandra used during all four of the paintings. We hope that our students find this post interesting and helpful. It is hopefully useful, not only those studying our Oil Painting Art Course but our other courses too. Finally, why not pop over to our website to find about about our online art courses.  See which course you might like to do today! London Art College Online Art Courses.

Oil Painting Art Course

Pet Portraits Diploma – Fiona Reade

First of all we would like to congratulate Fiona Reade who was recently awarded a Distinction after completing her Pet Portraits Diploma art course successfully. Congratulations Fiona!

Fiona studied her online art course from the comfort of her own home with the London Art College. Her tutor was professional artist and art tutor Gayle Mason. As a result of all of Fiona’s hard work, she submitted her final painting below along with two other wonderful pieces which we have included too. The painting of the rabbit was created in acrylic paints and this is what Fiona said…

The rabbit, most difficult painting I’ve done yet. Haven’t used acrylic paint since I took my level Art! I found two images off the Internet and photoshopped them together and liked the simplicity of the background. My favourite medium has to be pastels as I can work it and push it around!

Furthermore Fiona sent a wonderful email to Gayle with her final set of work, hence we are thrilled to add it below….

Dear Gayle
Thank you for your assessment of my work over the last months. I have found your comments extremely helpful and have enjoyed doing the artwork.  Thank you again and I have taken all your comments on board and will persevere.
Kind Regards
Fiona Reade
Pet Portraits Diploma

In conclusion we are thrilled to hear that Fiona enjoyed her course and most of all we would like to wish her the best of luck with her future commissions and artwork.

Study with the London Art College

Do you want to paint animals like Fiona? Would you like to learn how to place two animals with in a scene from separate photos like Fiona has done below? Perhaps in addition you are interested in learning more about the business side of pet portraits? In addition you might be looking at starting up yourself and need to gain experience from a professional. If so our course will be perfect for you. Why not pop over to our website and read some of our Pet Portraits Testimonials and happy students. In conclusion why not visit the London Art College Online Art Courses and enroll today – and start your course tomorrow!

Pet Portraits Diploma

Pet Portraits Diploma

Pet Portraits Diploma

Still Life Online Art Course – Barbra Knapik

Barbra Knapik has been studying with us at the London Art College on our popular Still Life Online Art Course. Barbra is being guided by our course along with having access to her tutor Alan Dedman online at all times. This is for both her submissions to gain feedback and just incase she has any questions during the course.  The paintings below have been completed for one of the exercises in the Still Life course and we are pleased to be able to add them to our blog for everyone to see.

Barbara Said…

I have drawn and painted all my adult life, primarily using watercolour. Though I have latterly enjoyed using soft pastels. I have attended a variety of day and evening classes and followed 2 distance learning courses in drawing and watercolour. I am hoping to experiment with different media after using watercolour for years. I also want to have a greater understanding and application of colour, tone and composition. Finally to develop greater freedom in painting.

We very much like Barbra’s Still Life paintings below and we are enjoying the preliminary studies as much as the finished paintings. The limited pallets Barbra is using are excellent and really convey a sense of serenity her work. We also love the way she has created the strong blue colour in the glass jar and used orange as an opposite colour in the colour wheel for the accompanying fruits. We are looking forward to seeing more from Barbra in the coming weeks and months.

Do you like painting inanimate objects? Perhaps  you find composition tricky and need a better understanding of it? If so the Still Life course will be perfect for you. Have a look at our website and visit our Still Life Online Art Course page to find out more.  Visit the London Art College website today.

Still Life Online Art Course

Still Life Online Art Course

Still Life Online Art Course

Drawing and Painting Course Artwork – Carol Zhao

Here is a fabulous and dynamic piece of Drawing and Painting Course artwork by Carol Zhao. Carol is currently studying with our popular tutor Paul Weaver on our online art diploma course.

Carol has created a mirrored image of two goldfishes in two glasses.  This piece of artwork really makes you look and think about its meaning and composition. The glasses both look very three dimensional due to the light highlights and consequently look as though they are filled with water. The highlight on the rims of the glasses are superb. Small details like these really help to create realism.

We hope that you enjoy viewing Carol’s artwork and we hope it inspires you to pick up your paint brush. Why not create a still life painting similar to this of your own! Head on over to our website to find out about both our drawing and painting diploma and our still life art course too.

Drawing and Painting Course Artwork



Art in Graphic Design – Kelly Pritchard

Student Kelly Pritchard is studying under the online tutelage of Vanessa Weaver on our Art in Graphic Design Course. Kelly is studying her course from home – you can do the same with us too! Kelly has created this wonderful and very colourful poster as one of the exercises in her course. We really like the bold colours and strong shapes kelly has created. Most of all it is very eye catching and holds the viewers attention. Consequently this is important when you are promoting an item for sale, creating packaging or advertising something on a poster.

Vanessa Weaver, the tutor for the Art in Graphic Design, is a professional tutor and graphic designer. You can read more about Vanessa and her work on our website. Furthermore you can read more about the Art in Graphic Design course.

Are  you are interested in designing packaging, posters, flyers and learning about typography and logo design? If so, this is the course for you! Its a Diploma course and all students who complete the course will receive a Diploma certificate for their portfolio. Finally visit our website for more details – London Art College Online Art Courses.

Art in Graphic Design