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Online Art Courses by the London Art College. Study with us! We provide 30 online art courses for all ages and all abilities.  Every student has access online to their own personal tutor who will help and guide them through their art journey.

Our online art courses courses are perfect for those students with work or family commitments as you can start and enrol at any time of the year. There are no entry requirements, you don’t even have to have picked up a pencil or paint brush before.

Our beginner short courses – learning to paint and learning to draw are a wonderful introduction to start you on your creative path. Or enrol on our longer drawing and painting course. We will help you get started and give you all the tuition needed for your new adventure.

  • Whether you are looking to improve your artistic skills for your own enjoyment
  • You would like to set up your own art or craft business selling your art
  • Create a portfolio of artwork for an art gallery representation
  • You are home schooled and would like extra tuition
  • Or you are looking to further your art career …….We have the perfect online art course for you.

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Lorena Nannini – Oil Certificate Course

I’m Lorena Nannini and I’ve just attended the Oil Certificate Course; I’ve been tutored by Alan Dedman.

I’ve always been painting as long as I can remember; I hadn’t the opportunity to attend any art course so I am a self thought; I live in Firenze (Florence) and I’ve mainly studied the old masters. Here there is a lot to see about old masters’ art.

This course was definitely one of the most satisfying things I have done in my life. My confidence as an artist has grown hugely since the course began. I remember worrying that I didn’t have an artistic ‘style’ and being always daunted by other people’s work.

I have found this course has really increased my confidence in all aspects of my illustration and painting work and has allowed me to start incorporating my passion for painting into my works.

Alan is a very professional tutor and he has greatly helped me to reach a less controlled way of painting, and now I like it.

This work I’ve posted for my last assignment is an example of how I have been combining my acrylic landscapes; I hope it deserves to be published.

Lorena Nannini
Oil Certificate Course

Magdalena Grabek – Just The Right Home!

Student Magdalena Grabek has created a stunning illustration for the assignment, “At last just the right home.” Maggy Roberts, tutor for our Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course, emailed it to us for inclusion on the blog and website gallery.

There is so much to see within the illustration and it is perfect to keep the attention of little ones reading the story. We very much like the depth of field she has created within her tonal ranges. Can you see that the background is lighter and foreground darker? This helps to give a three dimensional feel to the scene and also brings focus to the main character and his home. Well done Magdalena for creating a beautiful painting.

Joseph Firman – Graphic Design

Student Joseph Firman has been designing a poster to advertise London for tourists on the Graphic Design Art Diploma Course. We love the bold striking colours Joseph has used which is very eye catching. Also the decorative background in the sky using different blue colours are a great idea and forms part of the Union Jack flag. Its all very well thought out and extremely clever. Well done Joseph for a fantastic submission!


Jackie Davies – Landscape Painting Course – Skies!

Student Jackie Davies has been studying skies for an assignment on her Landscape Painting Diploma Course. Jackie has not only been working in her sketchbook creating sketches and colour studies of skies, she has also been creating some finished paintings in acrylic, watercolour and pastel. You can see seven of Jackie’s paintings below.

John Constable also studied skies during his life as a landscape painter and you can see his Cloud Study from 1822 below. It shows a superb understanding of the moment of the clouds as well as their structure. It can be tricky to describe their three-dimensional volume, however Constable has achieved this beautifully…as has Jackie in her work too. Clouds and sky were a big part of Constables landscape work and it only sees right to continually practice the different and ever changing sky scenes as much as painting trees, hills, hedges, ponds and rivers.

Jackie’s Sky Paintings…..

Alison Smallwood – Watercolour Painting

We love this painting by student Alison Smallwood. It watercolour painted on stretched cold pressed watercolour paper and the overall colour pallet Alison has used is very natural. Alison looking down on the flowers, makes for a wonderful and interesting composition.

Do you like to paint in watercolour? If you have created a painting recently for your course, why not email it to us for inclusion on our blog!


Elena Statham – Illustrating Children’s Books

Hi, my name is Elena and this is my first assignment for Illustrating Children’s books course wet on wet collage and Row your boat. At the beginning it took me ages to find the theme for the collage, and I was terrified to put anything on a paper. I tried to look at books and photos, then one day I walked in a park and it hit me, it’s hydrangea season! Where ever you go you see beautiful bushes of vibrant blossom! That’s how my collage was born. I developed a few characters that live on a bush, so when I started to work on a second part of assignment I thought to use the same characters going on a magic adventure on boat made of leafs! Also I really liked the vibrant colors of the collage so I used my leftover wet on wet paper for Row your boat!

Elena Statham
Illustrating Children’s books





Ann Rae – Landscape Painting Diploma Course

We love this painting by student Ann Rae and felt we had to show it here on our college news blog. Ann is studying on our Landscape Painting Diploma Course  and has captured an artist painting a portrait of a man in an outdoor scene in her painting.

The overall colour scheme is very natural and Ann has created many wonderful textures with her brush and the oils to convey the different textures within the scene.

We particularly like the light and shade she has created with the darker cooler greens under the artists easel. This helps to allow the easel to stand firmly on the ground and also allow the eye to fall onto the man sitting on the edge of the scene in the sunshine.

There are so many stories the viewer can conjure here and this makes for a superb painting. A piece that you can study and ponder upon. Well done Ann!