Online Art Courses by the London Art College

Study with us! Online Art Courses by the London Art College. We provide 30 online art courses for all ages and all abilities.  Every student has access online to their own personal tutor who will help and guide them through their art journey.

Our courses are perfect for those students with work or family commitments as you can start and enrol at any time of the year. There are no entry requirements, you don’t have to even have picked up a pencil or paint brush before.

Our beginners courses and learning to paint and draw courses are a wonderful introductions to start you on your creative path. We will help you get started and give you all the tuition needed to get you started in your new adventure.

  • Whether you are looking to improve your skills for your own enjoyment
  • You would like to set up your own business selling your art
  • Create a portfolio of work for gallery representation
  • You are home schooled or would like extra tuition
  • Or you are looking to further your art career …….We have the perfect course for you.

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Beginners Drawing – Edith Steinberg

Student Edith Steinberg has been working through the Beginners Drawing Course and this is one of her drawings from the submitted exercises. A quote from the beginners drawing course tutor is below…we hope that it helps and inspires our beginners reading our blog today!

If you are doing a drawing which isn’t going to include a background, try putting the subject matter into a cardboard box! Take a box and cut off two of the sides, so you are left with a Corner. Then place a piece of white paper or cloth on the base and up the two sides, inside the box. Then place your object inside it. This is so much less confusing for your eyes, and also helps you judges the areas at the edges of your subject. This is true of light too.


Still Life – John Peace

John Peace has been working on the Still life course with tutor Alan Dedman. John has created two superb paintings for his first set and his introductory letter is below. We hope that our prospective students can gain some confidence from reading it. Not everyone is confident about their artwork and it can be a big step to send work in to your tutor. If you are hesitating, hopefully this will be a huge encouragement to you. Our tutors are all very friendly and will guide you every step of the way.


Hello Alan,

I am submitting my first lot of work for your assessment. The quality of work I feel is dreadfully poor but I suppose that is why I have enrolled on the course – in order to improve! With having a wife who spent a year on a Foundation Course at Goldsmiths many years ago I have already had some guidance – or perhaps I should describe it as harsh reality criticism!

I have been through the exercises you have outlined although I have to admit that despite buying sugar paper I didn’t manage that successfully partly because all were of similar colour rather than dark, medium and light shades. I understand where you are coming from, however, in regard to shape and identifying tone.

You will see that I took photos of my still life studies before starting them. I have tried as far as I can to do as you recommend. Unfortunately, I don t have the steadiest of hands and my sight is not great but I hope this should not be too much of a handicap.

I look forward to hearing from you. If there s ways of submitting work in a better way please let me know.



Botanical Art Course – Mollie Melhuish

Two Coloured Pencil Students!

Monika Cilmi is the tutor for our London Art College Coloured Pencil Course. She has sent us a superb coloured pencil drawing by student Mike Bingham and a testimonial by Lee Lillie.
Monika said –
Mike Bingham has no experience with freehand drawing or coloured pencils however this work from his first set is excellent. I feel he is really brilliant and talented and I’m looking forward to seeing his subsequent sets.
Below is message received by another of my students on the coloured pencil course called Lee Lillie:
Hi Monika
Hope you’re well.
Just to say, thanks again for all your help on the Colour Pencil Drawing course. I enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I have enrolled on the Watercolour Diploma Course now, as well as taking weekly classes in the my local college.
Kind regards
Lee Lillie

Pet Portraits by Karen Bruce

My name is Karen, I started painting four years ago when I was 51, and particularly enjoy drawing and painting animals of any kind.

I completed the London Art College Watercolour Course earlier this year and on completion enrolled immediately on the Pet Portraits Course!

I took the photograph for this painting at the Howletts Wildlife Park in Kent and used Pastel Pencils to achieve the finished effect.

Karen Bruce