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Study with us! Online Art Courses by the London Art College. We provide 30 online art courses for all ages and all abilities.  Every student has access online to their own personal tutor who will help and guide them through their art journey.

Our courses are perfect for those students with work or family commitments as you can start and enrol at any time of the year. There are no entry requirements, you don’t have to even have picked up a pencil or paint brush before.

Our beginners courses and learning to paint and draw courses are a wonderful introductions to start you on your creative path. We will help you get started and give you all the tuition needed to get you started in your new adventure.

  • Whether you are looking to improve your skills for your own enjoyment
  • You would like to set up your own business selling your art
  • Create a portfolio of work for gallery representation
  • You are home schooled or would like extra tuition
  • Or you are looking to further your art career …….We have the perfect course for you.

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Jatinder Ghataora – Cartooning Artwork

Jatinder Ghataora has recently completed our Cartooning Diploma Course and Jatinder chats below about a few of the pieces completed for the course.

Captain America:
My niece wanted a picture of a friend in a Captain America costume. She sent me a picture, I changed the angle of the face from a straight forward view to an a slightly off set view to make it dynamic and added the costume. I opted for flat colours to give it the old American 4 “color” comic look and the background. The recipient was delighted with the result.

Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day in the entire month – details: here is my InkTober >>

Last year I opted to link my drawings by Drawing Indian actresses, bar a couple of pieces. 31st October was the Joker, which I had pencilled a while back. InkTober is a good way of ensuring you keep to a timetable. For the 16th October, I drew Anushka Sharma, this is based on a Video  from the film Sultan. For me it is important I enjoy what I draw as the majority of it is for my own pleasure, the Idea of Sikh Hells angels appealed to me.

Jatinder Ghataora
Cartooning Diploma

Hilde Orye – Botanical Painting

Shevaun Doherty, our very talented tutor for the Botanical Painting Diploma Course, has received these fabulous paintings from one of her students, Hilde Orye. Hilda is experienced in drawing and painting however is just beginning to use watercolour. ​Aren’t they wonderful? These are for Assignment 4 on the Botanical Diploma, which deals with pen and ink.

Shevaun said….

This time of year, it is always a challenge to find suitable subjects to paint, but seeds can be a great subject choice as they have such interesting textures and colour. Hilde’s composition is superb and her use of pen and ink is excellent. She began by practicing the tones and stippling technique in pencil,  before progressing to  pen and ink. She did lots of colour charts first, trying out the different mixes in order to get the right colour match. It proves that careful planning and practice really do pay off.

Congratulations Hilde on your wonderful artwork and we look forward to seeing more from you in the coming weeks and months!

Agathe Morisse – Illustrating Children’s Books

My name is Agathe Morisse and I am currently taking the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course with Maggy Roberts. Here are the first submissions I sent to Maggy over the week-end. I’m waiting for her feedback. Exciting and scary at the same time! Read about how I painted them…

Wet on Wet technique:
It was for me the first time using not only the Wet on Wet technic but also water colour paints. I improvised as I went along trying this new medium. I just followed Maggy’s brief with no idea what to expect in the end. The process of cutting the different shape and putting them together to reveal a peaceful scene of nature was really enjoyable. The reason why I never used water colour when painting is that  I remember as a child using it and the result being just really watery, fade, but that was certainly due to the quality of cheap children’s paint. I will now use it very often and hopefully familiarise with it to get better and better results!

Row Row your Boat illustration:
For this illustration I had to think about it for very long before starting to draw anything. I even was waking up at night with the tune of the rhymes in my head sometimes! I tried to dig into my childhood memories and remember what was really making me dream then. I had a passion and fascination for American Indians this is why I decided to have my main character as a little Indian girl turning into the chief of the tribe on the left page. I remember also often dreaming of flying hence the main character flying on top of the eagle. I’m not sure however that the dreamy feeling is entirely obvious, and I think I should have gone further into that direction.
In terms of materials I used watercolours and inks mainly, as they were two new materials I had never used before, so I thought it was interesting to focus on them. For my draft I applied the ink for the contouring first and then the watercolour, but realised that for the detailed leaves of the trees it wasn’t working really well. So on the final project I applied the watercolour first, but for some reason the black ink wouldn’t work so well when watercolour had been applied first. I ended up using really thin fineliner pen to do the leaves.
Here again the whole process was a great way of experimenting and learning along the way.

These illustrations were a really enjoyable way of starting the course. I’ve always loved drawing, painting and arts in general but never really found the time to get more serious about it. The course is a way for me to know how far I could stretch my abilities being guided by professionals. If I can turn it into a side or full time job then brilliant, if not, I know I will have learnt so much it will also be great on a personal point of view!

Agathe Morisse

Maria Lusser – Beginners Drawing Course

My name is Maria Lusser and I am currently taking the Beginner’s Drawing Course tutored by Monika Cilmi.  As part of the course students are asked to submit drawings with increasing complexity and difficulty made with different media such as graphite and colour pencils, pen and ink, colour pencils and pastels. I find this very exciting and challenging and it helps to make fast progress. Monika provides very encouraging feedback and carefully answers my questions.

She asked me if I would like to share two of my recent drawings for the college’s blog. Both are pen and ink drawings and made from reference photos. The first one showing a wall overgrown with ivy was made with a traditional holder, two different nibs and an ink bottle. For the second one depicting a Venetian mask I used two different liner pens. Although the traditional approach results in more characteristic marks I personally prefer the liner pens. They make drawing much faster and less fussy.

Maria Lusser
Beginners Drawing Course

Julie Douglas’s New BOOK!

Julie Douglas was a tutor for London Art College for six years, teaching several courses including Coloured Pencil, and the Drawing & Painting Diploma courses. After great pressure from her students, Julie has written a book on drawing and painting, called ‘Notes from the Atelier’.

250 pages of clear and detailed guidance takes the reader through a year of study, with over 500 illustrations by Julie and some of her students, including past London Art College student Mari- anne Leipmann-Schiller! It has taken 18 months to write, as well as 25 years of teaching experience, and Julie is self publishing.

In his foreword, illustrator PJ Lynch describes ‘Notes from The Atelier’ as ‘a feast of a book’, and calls Julie ‘an extraordinary teacher’.

The book is being printed this week! and it will be launched in April.

We are delighted to say that Julie is offering London Art College students a copy of the book at the pre- launch price of £35, plus P&P. After the launch it will be available on Amazon, where the price will be higher.

The link below takes you to a preview of the book – just click on the large drawing of the cover after you click this link:

Any questions or difficulties, please contact Julie on You can keep up with Julie and her students on her blog

Daphne Wright – Painting Portraits

Daphne Wright, who is working on our Portrait Painting Art Course, has created a preparatory study along with a finished watercolour painting for one of her exercises. We love the feel that Daphne has created within this piece. The expression she has achieved has a sense of calmness and a serene feel, particularly in the eyes. Daphne has been experimenting with skin tones and shadows and in this instance has used a blue cool colour for the shadows which is great. Blues and purple tones make for excellent colours for shadows.

Have you ever wanted to have a go at painting or drawing people? If so, we have the perfect course for you. You will not only learn how to draw people correctly but you will get the chance to experiment with lots of different art mediums too. Hop on over to our website to find out how we can help you!

Alison Owen – Photography Course

Alison Owen has taken two beautiful photographs which we have added below. Alison is currently working on the Photography Diploma Course with Rona Cox. These photographs each deal with very different subjects and techniques. If you are struggling with your photography, why not drop us a line at the college and we can sign you up on our Photography Course. You too can receive personalised help with your photos and your camera techniques from Rona.

Artemis Rigas – Learning to Draw

We have a lovely collection of drawings for today blog post by student Artemis Rigas who is working on the Learn to draw course. Artemis has been experimenting with light and shade, tonal variations, creating texture with his range of graphite pencils using objects from around the home. Artemis has also been working with pencil and ink and has created a lovely drawing of Kettle chips and some tins and bottles in his kitchen.

We love these studies and would really encourage our students to create drawings like this on a daily basis in their sketch books. It really helps develop drawing skills and observational skills. If you would like some guidance with your drawing, why not take our short Learn to Draw Course to give your skills a boost!

Elisabeth Planella – Oil painting

Elisabeth Planella, studying our oil painting course,  has created a very realistic painting of her art materials. It has been very well rendered using oil paints and the colours Elizabeth has used are superb. The main colours used here are blue and red and being complimentary colours stand off from each other very well. Complementary colours, when used together in a painting, are especially dynamic and pleasing to the eye. Here Elizabeth has counterbalanced the rich blue and red of the lower half of the painting which a warm brown/red for the brush handles. If the handles had of been panted a light pale colour the painting would feel bottom heavy, however it is nicely balanced.

The shadows from the objects on the ground plane work exceptionally well and the dark side of the Savon De Marseille soap cube makes it look very three dimensional.

If we could encourage all of our students to try to draw, colour or paint a scene of their art materials we know that it would not only improve their drawing skills but would also help them in composition and colour theory too. Why not give it a go and email us your version so we can post them here!