Janet Malone

I have a beautiful piece of student work to share, it’s from Janet Malone. She chose to represent China whilst studying on my Graphic Design Art Diploma Course and has put together a super digital illustration.

I particularly like the way Janet has used contrasting tonal values to define certain forms within the composition. Such as the way the Buddha’s head is positioned against the darker tones of the lantern and the lower half of the lotus flower. This stands out so well when set against such strong, dark greens.

Janet has also included texture, by opting for an impressionistic style for some of the elements, including the Buddha and lanterns. The background Chinese lettering provides interest and decoration, without detracting from the main features. Well done Janet!

Vanessa Weaver
Graphic Design Art

Tanisha Sharma

My name is Tanisha Sharma and I am currently taking the Children book Illustration course with my tutor Maggy Roberts. I am a graphic designer by profession but I always wanted to get into Children book illustration. Am glad that I choose this course and my tutor has been really helpful. With this course, I hope to learn the fundamentals of children book illustration and develop my vision and style.

Tanisha Sharma
Childrens Book Illustration

Philip Ozkan

My name is Philip Ozkan and I’ve been doing the Cartooning Diploma Course for about a month now. Enjoying what I am learning. I am in my late 30’s and somewhat bored of the office grind. I would like to change my career to something more creative; some sort of comic illustration or maybe straight-up fine artist. I get inspired by the horrific and perverse. Artists like Francis Bacon and Frank Auerbach are my favourites. Unlike those people, I prefer to lighten the mood of the horrific by injecting a bit of child-like humour and colour to my pictures. I have enclosed some pics that I did for my Instagram, definitely colourful and unrealistic!

Philip Ozkan
Cartooning Diploma Course






Kathryn Barstow

Student Kathryn Barstow’s work is absolutely beautiful and you can read about Kathryn below.

I have no formal training in Art. I studied Geology at Manchester University, then went into teaching Science at a secondary school. I left teaching after 14 years when I had my children, they are now grown up nearly 22 and 20! I started watercolour classes when they were both small to give me some ‘me’ time. Several years later I joined our local Art group after doing a short Botanical painting course at the local Garden centre. The Box Art Group introduced me to different media including Graphite and later Coloured Pencils. I loved pastels and did a couple of short courses with Carol Kibble (a local pastel artist) but when I discovered coloured pencils I found this less aggravating to my asthmatic cough. Since then I tend switch between Graphite and coloured pencils. I have done a short Graphite workshop with Mike Sibley and a couple of 2 day courses with Botanical coloured pencil artist Ann Swan (again another local artist).

I have recently been asked by my local Art Group in Box to take over as Tutor when our previous Tutor left as I have dabbled in several different mediums. I had forgotten quite how much I love teaching so have not ruled this out yet.

As to why I chose to do this course? I still enjoy learning myself and felt now that my painting time had been taken over by being the art group tutor, by doing this course it would give me the incentive that I need to do some art work for myself. Also it would encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and widen my experience with coloured pencil. I have really only done botanical work and a small number of drawings of my pet dogs, so landscapes and portraits are relatively new to me. I am looking forward to the challenge!

From viewing Kathryn’s work we are in no doubt she has excelled in the different subjects on our course and we are thrilled to be able to show her work here today. If you are interested in taking our coloured pencil, please do head over to our website and take a look at our coloured pencil course details. We hope that you have enjoyed our week of coloured pencil student artwork and we hope it has not only inspired you, but given you the ideas of what you can draw next!

Esther Geh

These stunning Watercolour paintings have been created by student Esther Geh, who studied on our Watercolour Diploma Course. They are simply delightful to view. We acknowledge Ethers skill in being able to create fresh, warm and vibrant colours, all with beautiful shape and form, which isn’t an easy skill to master. We wish Esther every success in her continued journey with the beautiful medium of watercolour.


Annabel Bishop

Annabel Bishop has created some wonderful studies for her Coloured Pencil Online Art Course and we have gathered a few of them here for you to view.

Whilst practicing coloured pencil techniques it is much easier to work on still life subjects to get a fell for describing the different textures. This will help for when you want to branch out to other subjects. You can see that Annabel has had to contend with shiny spoons, metal tins, reflections, glass and the subtle texture on fruit. Some very difficult challenges which Annabel has overcome beautifully and created some really lovely studies!