Anna Farmilo

I am Anna from Sydney. I grew up on a hobby farm with lots of animals to keep me company. I would spend hours sitting on the side of the dam crushing up rocks to make colours. I have always had a keen interest in the weird and wonderful and have a colourful personality.

It wasn’t till my marriage was in it’s final days in 2012 that I really had a desire to paint. I have painted ever since. I know in my heart I will never give up. Some months are great and I may sell up to 7 paintings and others I sell none. I decided to start the Children’s Book Illustration Diploma because of my child like style in my works. I do paint big so at first it was a struggle being disciplined enough to follow the course guidelines of size. I am loving the course and feel so proud to have received the feedback I have.

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Here is some of my artwork

My puppy Yoda. Acrylic on canvas. 100cm by 100cm

My puppy Tink. Crosshatch lead pencil. A3.

Daisy the cow. Collage and acrylic.

Paris. Portrait. Acrylic wash on canvas.

Giraffe. Acrylic covered in resin.

Mr Camel. Charcoal on paper.

Zebra. Acrylic.

The tree of life. Oil on canvas. My biggest sale. Sold on Bluethumb

My market stall at a gourmet café.

My sanctuary.

Dean Jones

We are starting a dedicated week of Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course artwork as we are receiving some amazing pieces and we feel the need to share some of these on our blog for our readers to enjoy.

Starting off the week is student Dean Jones has created a wonderful illustration for the ‘Sebastian’s Sink city’ task. Dean has chosen a Wild West theme using rubber gloves to depict cacti and detergent bottles for the towns hotel, sheriff house, general store and saloon! It is very ingenious and we love it! We have added the full illustration below along with two close up photos to show it in more detail. Well done Dean for a fabulous illustration!

Linda Tordoff

We have a blog post today aimed at our Illustrators. Student Linda Tordoff created both of these illustrations for tutor Maggy Roberts whilst studying on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. We have added three close up images of the ‘Cow Jumping over the Moon’ illustration as we wanted to show the paint strokes that Linda has created in her work. It’s both painterly and illustrative at the same time – simply stunning and very clever. We hope you like them as much as we do!



Belinda Cullen

Today’s blog post is a bit of a ‘wow’ post! I know our readers and going to view student Belinda Cullen’s watercolours and exclaim – ‘wow’ whilst viewing them! We did! Her studies are simply exquisite and Belinda has a beautiful style of painting and handles the medium superbly. Her practice studies of eyes and ears are almost pieces of completed artwork in themselves. We hope that you all find them as inspiring and beautiful as we do. If you would like to learn how to paint Watercolour similar to this…head on over and take a look at our Watercolour Diploma Course tutored by professional watercolourist Jem Bowden.

margaret kane

A stunning image today painted by student Margaret Kane who is on the Drawing and Painting Diploma course. The painting has been completed in oils on canvas and has been drawn and painted beautifully. The light is stunning. The glass bottles feel very three dimensional which is no mean feat! Have you tried to draw or paint a glass yet? If you havent give it a go. To make it even more challenging fill the glass half way with water. Let us know how you get on!