Alethea Jack

Perhaps some of our readers of our blog may not know that we not only teach adults, we also teach children and young artists too! We have two wonderful Drawing for Children courses for ages 7 and above and Alethea Jack is one such student. We know that you will all be very impressed with her artwork, particularly her landscape! Note how she has successfully shaded the cliffs, sea and grass using directional shading to describe the shape, form and surface of the objects and texture. Very advanced drawing!! We hope you enjoy viewing Aletheas work.


Beatrice Anderson

Beatrice Anderson studied our Pet Portraits Diploma course and these pieces were from her first study set. The course starts with a drawing refresher as it is important to be accurate when drawing and painting animals.

Beatrice drew an earthenware pot, a still life set up of her wellingtons and a Chocolate Labrador.¬† Her drawing skills are superb in all three pieces and we are looking forward to seeing more of Beatrice’s work in the coming months!

Alison Hughes

The drawings below are by student Alison Hughes who studied our Coloured Pencil Course. The first two drawings below are from the still life assignment. Students are asked first to draw a still life in graphite pencil to help them understand the tonal ranges in the scene. They then set to work on the colour version.

Most students send photographic reference for their work so their tutor can see the still life that was set up and you can see this inserted into the drawings below. The final drawing is of a beautiful autumnal tree, again shaded using coloured pencil. \

All of the drawings here are superb and we can see Alison is enjoying using coloured pencil as a medium. If you would like to join our course, pop over to our website and take a look at the coloured pencil course page.


Raul Saria

Raul Saria has painted two wonderful watercolour paintings which we have added below. The first painting is absolutely stunning. The wet in wet washes are very accomplished and the way Raul has painted the wet road is superb. The second portrait is so colourful with much detail, we have added a close up from the painting itself at the bottom of the blog post. We hope that you find Raul’s watercolour paintings inspirational!

Valerie Anstey

Valerie Anstey is currently studying on the Portrait Painting Course and we are thrilled to be able to add her work here on our blog. We have added two of her paintings from her assignments below and we feel they are superb! Im sure that our readers will agree!

I have always enjoyed enjoyed arts and crafts of any time but never had the opportunity to develop any particular avenue. I am near retirement and have more time to do the things I enjoy. I have been told I have some talent for portrait painting and would love to develop it further for my own enjoyment.

Valerie Anstey
Portrait Painting Course

Gwenda Reavle

Undertaking the Pet Portrait Diploma course, my daughters lovely German Wired Haired Pointer was tragically knocked down by a car. I thought it would be nice if I could do a picture to remember him by. I shed tears when I had finished, as it was just him. Which made me smile! That not why I am doing the course!! It’s helping me be a pet portrait artist!! So this is Bracken….

Gwenda Reavle
Pet Portraits Diploma

Simon Breeze

I really enjoyed the Science Fiction and Fantasy course and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of illustrating Science Fiction & Fantasy art either for a profession or as a hobby. John Byrne is a really great tutor and I learnt a lot from completing the course exercises and lessons.

When I look at the first few illustrations I did for the course and then the last few I can really see how my work has progressed and improved with each of the exercises and John’s feedback. I can’t say thank you enough. Art was something I was very keen to study at school and college when I was younger. However, the art lessons on offer then didn’t really look to support my love of fantasy and science fiction. So I headed off down a more practical route with my study.

Now I’m older I wanted to improve my art, specifically as a fantasy and science fiction artist. I found the London Art College, and along with John as my tutor this has given me a great opportunity to address this. I really enjoyed every minute of it, and my artwork is in a really strong place. I now just need to think which course to take next.

Simon Breeze
Science Fiction and Fantasy Course




Larisa Andreassen

We have lots of wonderful paintings and studies to show our students and readers today. They have all be created by Landscape Painting Diploma student Larisa Andreassen. Each painting and study holds their won special qualities however my personal favourite is the watercolour which is the 4th image below. This, for me shows¬†Larisa has a lot of skill when using watercolour. It is beautifully fresh, she has used layering techniques and a limited pallet to create the look she wanted to achieve. It is fresh and cold looking – much like I’m sure the scene was when she was painting it. Which is your favourite? We would love to hear in the comments below!