Nicola Senior

Our Digital Illustration course is fast becoming one of our most popular courses. With the advent of being able to draw on your ipad or tablet, particularly with an apple pencil, it is possible to create some simply amazing drawings and paintings. There are lots of drawing apps too. It is particularly helpful to have an undo button!

The Digital illustration course has generated some stunning pieces of art and the two illustrations below are by student Nicola Senior. The course has some cross over to other courses we provide, for instance the Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course. Why not enrol on both courses to gain as much information as you possibly can to help you in your goals and achievements!

Amelia Whiffin

This is a very interesting batch of artwork from Coloured Pencil student Amelia Whiffin. If you scroll down, you will see two drawings of the same object and the photo that Amelia too to show her tutor. We thought this might be very useful for students to see how Amelia has very cleverly interpreted each drawing and note what she has include, what she has accentuate and what areas she has perhaps played down. Students are often asked to draw objects or scenes using graphite pencil first as either a general study or sketch or a full tonal drawing. This helps students understand the structure, composition, light and shade etc of the scene. It really helps when moving onto the colour versions in which ever is your chosen media. We hope that you enjoy viewing Amelia’s drawings and are as impressed as we are!


Jacqueline Miley

Jacqueline Miley has been learning to draw on our Beginner’s Drawing Course. The course is a short introduction to drawing using dry media and pen and ink which can hopefully give you the confidence to pursue which ever subjects and genres you might like to specialise in. Its a great refresher course too.  We love Jacqueline’s fruit combo drawing using coloured pencils. She has created lots of light and shadow into the scene, each object feels very round and three dimensional. The book and cushions pencil and ink drawing is also delightful. We hope you enjoy viewing Jacqueline’s drawings.


Yvonne Reeves

We will have a dedicated coloured pencil week soon as we know some of you have specifically asked for another week of it this year. However today, our coloured pencil artists are in for a wonderful treat as we have some more artwork to show you by student Yvonne Reeves.

Some of our readers may be aware that we have posted Yvonne’s Coloured Pencil artwork before and as ware thrilled to have more of it to show you today. Yvonne creates plenty of detail in her work and uses beautiful bright colours too. If you are interested to know what kind of bird Yvonne has drawn below, it is a Lilac-Breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus) and is an African member of the Roller family of birds. It is unofficially considered the national bird of Kenya! We hope you enjoy viewing Yvonne’s drawings. if you would like a dedicated week from a specific course, why not drop us a line with what you would like us to post. We always love hearing ideas from our students and readers!

Laura Ashton

Two absolutely stunning Botanical illustrations today by student Laura Ashton who studied on our Botanical Painting Diploma Course. The first illustration is of two fly agaric fungus (Amanita muscaria)  and the second is a plant called Soapberry. Laura has her own amazing website and you can find her at check out her beautiful illustrations and watch some of her how to paint YouTube videos too! We hope that you are inspired!


Heather Robertson

We have included many wonderful illustrations by student Heather Robertson today who is studying the Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course.  Particularly interesting is the first colour illustration. Students are asked to draw realistic sketches of a dog and then another page of illustrations of that particular dog as a character. This helps the students understand the correct form of the animal to be able to accentuate its features for the scene. Here you can clearly see Heather’s thought process by studying her drawings, the final illustration is wonderful and very funny too. We hope you enjoy admiring all of Heather’s artwork posted here today!

Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake has passed her Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course with a distinction. We would officially like to congratulate Jenny and wish her well in with her work for the coming years! Jenny said of her final assignment below…

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and hope to begin the follow on course that you offer. On the ‘Moving House’ design I have chosen to create an image of an owl who has finally found the right home. I wanted to create the idea of the owl sitting on a tree that isn’t as pristine/good enough as he would like. He is sitting on the tree branch looking across at his perfect home, glowing in colour. His new found home is designed within the tree trunk using the branches to created doors and windows, with a built in chimney. I have used colours to show dusk setting in.

Jenny Blake
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course