Nitin Bhojraj

Tutor John Byrne very kindly sent us an email from one of his completed students called Nitin Bhojraj along with some wonderful photos Nitin has taken. Nitin was delighted for us to add the photos and his email here for students to read. Tutor John Byrne said….

What a funny chap…and he will make a good teacher I am sure!
John Byrne

Its absolutely wonderful news that Nitin will be leading Cartooning classes locally to him in the New Year and we wish him the very best of luck! We look forward to hearing how he gets on. If any of our completed students and are starting their own art classes, do get in touch and send us photos to be featured on our blog! We are always happy to promote our students!

Hi John,
How have you been since your favourite student finished the London Art College CartooningDiploma course a few months ago?
I just wanted to give you a quick update. It looks like I am going to start doing some Cartooning instruction for my local town. I gave them a proposal on how I would like to teach short Cartooning classes for parents who want a unique activity for a date night. They liked the idea and I should be starting in January.

Also, please take a look at the attached pictures to see what I found at my local library, and how I used it. Note, my handwriting is a little rough here. The word that’s hard to read is “ironic.” In addition to my crazy penmanship, I also wrote the message and drew the picture on a shaky train.

Let me know if I should destroy the book.  That way, the library will be forced to buy another copy!


Caroline Richards

Blog post by Vanessa Weaver on the Graphic Design Course….

My student Caroline Richards is currently working on my Graphic Design Course and these are her responses to the study unit that mark the culmination of the drawing, composition and mark making input on the Graphics course. What I find impressive, is the different styles of work that Caroline has produced. She has produced two pieces of work that demonstrate effective use of tonal values, which help guide the viewer through each composition. I hope you find them inspirational.

Maria Lusser

My name is Maria Lusser. I recently have finished the Digital Illustration course. One of the works which I have submitted for the final assignment is a comic drawn as vector graphic. John a little bull is explaining his little brother Tom what he has learned in college. I had produced this comic with felt pens already two years ago.
Spencer Hill, the tutor of this course, suggested to submit a page of the comic both in the initial felt pen version and the final vector graphics version. This way the readers can see the progress I have made during the course. I have really enjoyed this course. Spencer is such a great tutor.

Anne Callanan

Our Drawing and Painting Diploma Course is one of our most popular courses. It not only introduces you to lots of lovely mediums, it also enables you to draw and paint a whole variety of subjects. Student Anne Callanan is currently working on the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course with tutor Alan Dedman and has produced two beautiful paintings.

Anne said on starting her course..

“I really want to learn more about the skills of painting and drawing techniques, styles and how to..etc It’s something I love to do and now I hope to have a little more time, something I want to learn to do better with more confidence..”

We wholeheartedly believe Anne is doing a fantastic job with her paintings, aren’t they wonderful! We hope you like them as much as we do.

Zaniska Lachhani

Zaniska Lachhani has created a wonderful illustration for her ‘Sebastian’s Sink City’ assignments in the Illustrating Children’s Books course. We have added a full version for you to see below, along with some close up versions too. Zaniska has created a very inventive and magical world with lots of lovely detail and designs within the bottles under the sink. Tutor Maggy Roberts was thrilled with the outcome and so are we! Well done Zaniska, we are looking froward to seeing more of your work in the coming weeks and months!

Shelby Bledsoe

Shelby Bledsoe has created a range of wonderful paintings for the Life drawing and painting course. Shelby has used an online photo resource to paint and draw the life models, which is often much easier than heading out to a local class. Although if you do have access to a local class and you can get there – definitely go! There is nothing better than drawing a life model from life.

If you are unable to draw from life however, there are many options available and we have always found Youtube is one of the easiest to use. A good example below is a series of poses created by the New Masters Academy channel. You could in fact not only use the timed version, but you cn also hit pause on the video and draw a slightly longer more in depth study if required. Don’t forget to set your video to 1080p which is a high definition version, from the cog at the bottom right hand corner of the video.

We hope you enjoy the video and enjoy practicing drawing. Let us know how you get on!

Yee Keng Liang

If anyone reading our blog or newsletter is at the very beginning of their artistic journey, our drawing course could be the perfect first step for you. What ever your age it’s never too late to take up a course. Even if you are studying at the tail end of school or college, our beginners drawing could be the perfect course for you to help improve your skills to head into your artistic career.

The Beginners Drawing Course is a short course and its usual duration is around 3 months. So its easy for you to fit it in between your ever day life. A drawing a day perhaps?! Yee Keng Liang has created three wonderful pencil drawings below while working on the Beginners Drawing course and we hope you like them. Our favourite has to be the two mugs drawn from a very unusual view point – the foreshortening in the spoons are superb!  We also love the glass and spoon drawing – a wonderful exercise, very tricky to draw and Yee Keng Liang has created a very successful drawing!