If anyone reading our blog or newsletter is at the very beginning of their artistic journey, our drawing course could be the perfect first step for you. What ever your age it’s never too late to take up a course. Even if you are studying at the tail end of school or college, our beginners drawing could be the perfect course for you to help improve your skills to head into your artistic career.

The Beginners Drawing Course is a short course and its usual duration is around 3 months. So its easy for you to fit it in between your ever day life. A drawing a day perhaps?! Yee Keng Liang has created three wonderful pencil drawings below while working on the Beginners Drawing course and we hope you like them. Our favourite has to be the two mugs drawn from a very unusual view point – the foreshortening in the spoons are superb!  We also love the glass and spoon drawing – a wonderful exercise, very tricky to draw and Yee Keng Liang has created a very successful drawing!

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