Elena Peres

Student Elena Peres has been experimenting with drawing garlic using pastels for one of her assignments on our Pastel Course. The first study is in full colour, the other is a tonal study in greyscale using only black and white pastels.

Our course is suitable for the beginner as well as the intermediate. If you are a beginner however, the array of pastels that are available to you might be quite daunting. We have found an excellent video on YouTube which allows the viewer to understand the qualities of soft pastel and the different brands available with artist Michael Howley. He also demonstrates each pastel so you can see how it works on paper and the kind of results you can expect from that brand / type of pastel.

We hope you enjoy the video and also hope you enjoy seeing Elena’s artwork too. If you would like to enrol on our course and be guided at every step by one of our London Art College tutors from the comfort of your own home, visit our website to find out if our Pastels course might be perfect for you. Pastel Painting Online Art Course.

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