Cindy Jeyaretnam

Our Drawing and Painting Diploma Course is one of our most popular courses. It is a perfect course for the beginner to be introduced to the world of drawing and painting and its even great for intermediate artists to brush up on their skills. All with guidance from their personal tutor.

Student Cindy Jeyaretnam has created a wonderful pencil drawing, covering the entire paper with graphite and tonal ranges. This has enabled Cindy to really bring out the highlights on the objects and help create their solidity and three dimensional form. Each object has been carefully observed and shaded, each interacting with the object next to it with shadows from one to the other. This is absolutely superb as it helps create the placement of each object. Cindy should be really thrilled with this drawing and I hope you all find it inspiring too! Head on over to our Drawing and Painting Diploma Course to find out if its the right course for you….

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